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Date Lineup
Steve Hill Substage Sep 17 Steve Hill
Across the Border Substage Sep 22 Across the Border
Portugal.the Man Substage Sep 24 Portugal.the Man
Oceano Substage Oct 01 Oceano, Thy Art Is Murder
Justice For The Damned Substage Oct 01 Justice For The Damned, Thy Art Is Murder
After the Burial Substage Oct 01 After the Burial, Thy Art Is Murder
Thy Art Is Murder Substage Oct 01 Thy Art Is Murder
YOU ME AT SIX  Substage Oct 13 YOU ME AT SIX 
Heliophile Substage Oct 14 Heliophile, Train To Spain, Presence Of Mind and 1 more...
RIN Substage Oct 19 RIN
Sion Hill Substage Oct 25 Sion Hill
Emil Bulls Substage Nov 03 Emil Bulls
Our Last Night Substage Nov 05 Our Last Night, Our Last Night, Blessthefall and 1 more...
Blessthefall Substage Nov 05 Blessthefall
The Color Morale Substage Nov 05 The Color Morale
Archive Substage Nov 15 Archive
archieve Substage Nov 15 archieve
ARCHIVE  Substage Nov 15 ARCHIVE 
Battle Beast Substage Nov 16 Battle Beast
Versengold Substage Nov 18 Versengold
Battle Beast Substage Nov 20 Battle Beast
KAYEF Substage Nov 30 KAYEF
Deaf Havana Substage Dec 01 Deaf Havana
Mother's Cake Substage Dec 02 Mother's Cake
RoyalRepublic Substage Dec 04 RoyalRepublic
Seiler und Speer Substage Dec 06 Seiler und Speer
MisterME Substage Dec 06 MisterME
Fiddler`s Green Substage Dec 07 Fiddler`s Green
Kobra and The Lotus Substage Dec 09 Kobra and The Lotus
Beyond The Black Substage Dec 09 Beyond The Black
Johnossi Substage Dec 13 Johnossi
Russkaja Substage Dec 14 Russkaja
Erra Substage Dec 17 Erra
Mother's Finest Substage Jan 31, 2018 Mother's Finest
Che Sudaka Substage Feb 01, 2018 Che Sudaka
Electric Six Substage Feb 06, 2018 Electric Six
Antilopen Gang Substage Mar 01, 2018 Antilopen Gang