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Eatmydisco Pooca Bar Sep 29 Eatmydisco
KITSHICKERS Pooca Bar Sep 29 KITSHICKERS, Kitshickers, The Majestic Unicorns From Hell
From Harbour Pooca Bar Sep 29 From Harbour, Lazar, The Majestic Unicorns From Hell and 1 more...
Electric Love Official Pooca Bar Sep 30 Electric Love Official
Dick Laurent Pooca Bar Oct 04 Dick Laurent
Pamela Hute Pooca Bar Oct 05 Pamela Hute
Miwi La Lupa Pooca Bar Oct 05 Miwi La Lupa, Pamela Hute, Roamer
Insanity Pooca Bar Oct 10 Insanity
Scherbenwelt Pooca Bar Oct 13 Scherbenwelt
Stepfather Fred Pooca Bar Oct 15 Stepfather Fred
An Early Cascade Pooca Bar Oct 27 An Early Cascade
ZULU Pooca Bar Oct 28 ZULU
Sascha Renier Pooca Bar Nov 04 Sascha Renier
I Am The Deceiver Pooca Bar Nov 16 I Am The Deceiver, I Am The Deceiver, When The Sun Sleeps
Different Inside Pooca Bar Nov 19 Different Inside, Different Inside, Nino Helfrich and 2 more...
Belako taldea Pooca Bar Nov 24 Belako taldea
7 Days in Alaska Pooca Bar Dec 01 7 Days in Alaska
Millennia Pooca Bar Dec 16 Millennia
Hannes Donel Pooca Bar Jan 20, 2018 Hannes Donel