Concert Tickets and Event Calendar 2014

96 Upcoming Concerts


Date Lineup
Gloom Balloon Wooly's Aug 28 Gloom Balloon
Future Islands Wooly's Aug 29 Future Islands
Granger Smith Wooly's Aug 30 Granger Smith, Earl Dibbles Jr
Jesse Allen Stewart Wooly's Aug 30 Jesse Allen Stewart, Granger Smith, Earl Dibbles Jr and 1 more...
Secret Sisters Wooly's Aug 31 Secret Sisters
Derek Lambert and the Prairie Fires Wooly's Aug 31 Derek Lambert and the Prairie Fires
Washed Out Wooly's Sep 03 Washed Out
Small Black Wooly's Sep 03 Small Black, Washed Out
Jason Boland & The Stragglers Wooly's Sep 04 Jason Boland & The Stragglers
Monday Mourners Wooly's Sep 04 Monday Mourners
Doctor Murdock Wooly's Sep 05 Doctor Murdock
Love Songs for Lonely Monsters Wooly's Sep 05 Love Songs for Lonely Monsters
Foxholes Wooly's Sep 05 Foxholes
Dickie Wooly's Sep 06 Dickie
Dick Prall Wooly's Sep 06 Dick Prall, Dickie
Sleep Study Wooly's Sep 06 Sleep Study, Dick Prall
Dizzy Wright Wooly's Sep 09 Dizzy Wright
Jarren Benton Wooly's Sep 09 Jarren Benton
B. Well Wooly's Sep 09 B. Well
Brooks Wheelan Wooly's Sep 10 Brooks Wheelan
Sam Hunt Wooly's Sep 11 Sam Hunt
Chasin Grace Wooly's Sep 11 Chasin Grace
Andy Goessling Wooly's Sep 12 Andy Goessling
The River Monks Wooly's Sep 12 The River Monks
Come Unity Wooly's Sep 13 Come Unity
Cirrus Minor Wooly's Sep 13 Cirrus Minor
Poppa Neptune Wooly's Sep 13 Poppa Neptune
Chiodos Wooly's Sep 14 Chiodos, Motionless In White
Ghosthive Wooly's Sep 14 Ghosthive
Switchblade Saturdays Wooly's Sep 14 Switchblade Saturdays
Motionless In White Wooly's Sep 14 Motionless In White, Chiodos
Eric Church ticket Wooly's Sep 17 Eric Church ticket
Hemlock Wooly's Sep 19 Hemlock
Corpse Wooly's Sep 19 Corpse
Hours Of Decay Wooly's Sep 19 Hours Of Decay
Section Hate Wooly's Sep 19 Section Hate
Rehtek Wooly's Sep 19 Rehtek
Clair Dunn Wooly's Sep 20 Clair Dunn
Danny Grause Wooly's Sep 20 Danny Grause
The Contortionist Wooly's Sep 22 The Contortionist, Periphery, Intervals and 1 more...
Periphery Wooly's Sep 22 Periphery
Intervals Wooly's Sep 22 Intervals
Toothgrinder Wooly's Sep 22 Toothgrinder
Cody Canada & the Departed  Wooly's Sep 24 Cody Canada & the Departed
Jason Reed And Kerosene Wooly's Sep 24 Jason Reed And Kerosene
Aaron Watson Wooly's Sep 25 Aaron Watson
Randy Burk & The Prisoners Wooly's Sep 25 Randy Burk & The Prisoners
J Boog Wooly's Sep 26 J Boog
Hot Rain Wooly's Sep 26 Hot Rain
Proverbial Wooly's Sep 26 Proverbial, Hot Rain, J Boog
Historic East Village BASH Wooly's Sep 29 Historic East Village BASH
The London Souls Wooly's Oct 03 The London Souls, JJ GREY and MOFRO
JJ GREY and MOFRO Wooly's Oct 03 JJ GREY and MOFRO, The London Souls
Matisyahu Wooly's Oct 05 Matisyahu, Radical Something
Radical Something Wooly's Oct 05 Radical Something
of Montreal Wooly's Oct 07 of Montreal, Pillar Point
Pillar Point Wooly's Oct 07 Pillar Point, of Montreal
Come The Dawn Wooly's Oct 08 Come The Dawn
I Declare War Wooly's Oct 08 I Declare War, After the Burial, Texas in July and 2 more...
After the Burial Wooly's Oct 08 After the Burial, I Declare War
Reflections Wooly's Oct 08 Reflections, I Declare War
Texas in July Wooly's Oct 08 Texas in July
Jimmy Eat World Wooly's Oct 10 Jimmy Eat World
Through the Roots Wooly's Oct 15 Through the Roots, The Supervillains, The Steppas
The Steppas Wooly's Oct 15 The Steppas
The Supervillains Wooly's Oct 15 The Supervillains, Through the Roots
The Purple Xperience Wooly's Oct 16 The Purple Xperience
Maids Wooly's Oct 16 Maids
Greensky Bluegrass Wooly's Oct 22 Greensky Bluegrass
The Great Gonzo Wooly's Oct 23 The Great Gonzo
Beyond I Sight Wooly's Oct 23 Beyond I Sight
Ballyhoo! Wooly's Oct 23 Ballyhoo!, Tribal Seeds
Tribal Seeds Wooly's Oct 23 Tribal Seeds, Ballyhoo!
Minus the Bear Wooly's Oct 25 Minus the Bear, Young Widows
Young Widows Wooly's Oct 25 Young Widows
Smoker's Club Tour Wooly's Oct 29 Smoker's Club Tour
Mick Jenkins Wooly's Oct 29 Mick Jenkins, Smoker's Club Tour
Redman Wooly's Oct 29 Redman
B Real Wooly's Oct 29 B Real
Berner Wooly's Oct 29 Berner
Amon Amarth Wooly's Nov 02 Amon Amarth
Skeletonwitch Wooly's Nov 02 Skeletonwitch
Whitechapel Wooly's Nov 05 Whitechapel, Upon A Burning Body, Glass Cloud
Glass Cloud Wooly's Nov 05 Glass Cloud, Whitechapel
Carcass Wooly's Nov 14 Carcass
Noisem Wooly's Nov 14 Noisem, Carcass, Macabre and 1 more...
Exhumed Wooly's Nov 14 Exhumed
Macabre Wooly's Nov 14 Macabre
I Killed the Prom Queen Wooly's Nov 16 I Killed the Prom Queen, Issues, Ghost Town and 2 more...
Marmozets Wooly's Nov 16 Marmozets, I Killed the Prom Queen
Issues Wooly's Nov 16 Issues, I Killed the Prom Queen, Ghost Town and 2 more...
Yelawolf Wooly's Nov 26 Yelawolf
Rittz Wooly's Nov 26 Rittz
Shakey graves Wooly's Dec 07 Shakey graves
Sean Rowe Wooly's Dec 07 Sean Rowe
Royal Southern Brotherhood Wooly's Dec 14 Royal Southern Brotherhood