Concert Tickets and Event Calendar 2014

66 Upcoming Concerts


Date Lineup
DSM Guitar Orchestra Wooly's Oct 31 DSM Guitar Orchestra
Obsidian's Dream Wooly's Oct 31 Obsidian's Dream
SP3 Wooly's Oct 31 SP3
Holy White Hounds Wooly's Nov 01 Holy White Hounds
Parlours Wooly's Nov 01 Parlours
Dylan Sires and Neighbors Wooly's Nov 01 Dylan Sires and Neighbors
Amon Amarth Wooly's Nov 02 Amon Amarth
Skeletonwitch Wooly's Nov 02 Skeletonwitch
Sabaton Wooly's Nov 02 Sabaton
Whitechapel Wooly's Nov 05 Whitechapel, Upon A Burning Body, Glass Cloud
Glass Cloud Wooly's Nov 05 Glass Cloud, Whitechapel
Amass the Grave Wooly's Nov 05 Amass the Grave
The Creation Complex Wooly's Nov 05 The Creation Complex
Bear Hands Wooly's Nov 07 Bear Hands, Fences
Fences Wooly's Nov 07 Fences, Bear Hands
Fences Fall 2014 Wooly's Nov 07 Fences Fall 2014
Jon Wayne And The Pain Wooly's Nov 08 Jon Wayne And The Pain
Linear Symmetry Wooly's Nov 08 Linear Symmetry
Heatbox Wooly's Nov 08 Heatbox
Walter Kamau Bell Wooly's Nov 11 Walter Kamau Bell
Bonne Finken and the Collective Wooly's Nov 13 Bonne Finken and the Collective
Carcass Wooly's Nov 14 Carcass
Noisem Wooly's Nov 14 Noisem, Carcass, Macabre and 1 more...
Exhumed Wooly's Nov 14 Exhumed
Macabre Wooly's Nov 14 Macabre
Saturn Ascends Wooly's Nov 15 Saturn Ascends
Green Death Wooly's Nov 15 Green Death
The Maw Wooly's Nov 15 The Maw
I Killed the Prom Queen Wooly's Nov 16 I Killed the Prom Queen, Issues, Ghost Town and 2 more...
Marmozets Wooly's Nov 16 Marmozets, I Killed the Prom Queen
Nightmares Wooly's Nov 16 Nightmares, Issues, I Killed the Prom Queen and 2 more...
Journeys Noise Tour Wooly's Nov 16 Journeys Noise Tour
Issues Wooly's Nov 16 Issues, I Killed the Prom Queen, Ghost Town and 2 more...
Casey Donahew Band Wooly's Nov 18 Casey Donahew Band
Micky & the Motorcars Wooly's Nov 19 Micky & the Motorcars
Kevin Gordon Wooly's Nov 22 Kevin Gordon
Fozzy Wooly's Nov 23 Fozzy
Dance Gavin Dance Wooly's Nov 24 Dance Gavin Dance
Alive Like Me Wooly's Nov 24 Alive Like Me, Dance Gavin Dance, SECRETS and 1 more...
SECRETS Wooly's Nov 24 SECRETS, Dance Gavin Dance
Defeat The Low Wooly's Nov 24 Defeat The Low
Devil In The Details Wooly's Nov 24 Devil In The Details, SECRETS, Dance Gavin Dance and 2 more...
Yelawolf Wooly's Nov 26 Yelawolf
Rittz Wooly's Nov 26 Rittz
Snot Wooly's Dec 05 Snot
He Is Legend Wooly's Dec 05 He Is Legend
As for You Wooly's Dec 05 As for You
Aren't We All Wooly's Dec 05 Aren't We All
Cirrus Minor Wooly's Dec 05 Cirrus Minor
Thira Wooly's Dec 05 Thira, Snot(Band), He Is Legend and 1 more...
Snot (Band)  Wooly's Dec 05 Snot (Band)
Snot(Band) Wooly's Dec 05 Snot(Band), Thira
Shakey graves Wooly's Dec 07 Shakey graves
Sean Rowe Wooly's Dec 07 Sean Rowe
The Maytags Wooly's Dec 12 The Maytags
Gloom Balloon Wooly's Dec 12 Gloom Balloon
Kris Adams & The Lefties Wooly's Dec 12 Kris Adams & The Lefties
Royal Southern Brotherhood Wooly's Dec 13 Royal Southern Brotherhood
Royal Southern Brotherhood Wooly's Dec 14 Royal Southern Brotherhood
Pop Evil Wooly's Dec 17 Pop Evil, Red Sun Rising
Letters From The Fire Wooly's Dec 17 Letters From The Fire, Pop Evil, Red Sun Rising and 1 more...
Red Sun Rising Wooly's Dec 17 Red Sun Rising, Pop Evil
Islander Wooly's Dec 17 Islander
The Schwag Wooly's Feb 21, 2015 The Schwag
Ha Ha Tonka Wooly's Mar 12, 2015 Ha Ha Tonka
Sylvan Esso Wooly's Mar 18, 2015 Sylvan Esso