92 Upcoming Concerts


Date Lineup
The Faint Wooly's Apr 24 The Faint
The Hussy Wooly's Apr 24 The Hussy
Solid Goldberg Wooly's Apr 24 Solid Goldberg
Cirrus Minor Wooly's Apr 25 Cirrus Minor
The Maw Wooly's Apr 25 The Maw
Come Unity Wooly's Apr 25 Come Unity
Dead Horse Trauma Wooly's Apr 26 Dead Horse Trauma, Apathy Syndrome, Left4Dead and 2 more...
Emergent Wooly's Apr 26 Emergent
Dirtfedd Wooly's Apr 26 Dirtfedd
Left4Dead Wooly's Apr 26 Left4Dead
Apathy Syndrome Wooly's Apr 26 Apathy Syndrome
Iowa Beard Off Wooly's Apr 27 Iowa Beard Off
Poppa Neptune Wooly's Apr 27 Poppa Neptune
Paul Thorn Wooly's Apr 29 Paul Thorn
Ernie Hendrickson Wooly's Apr 29 Ernie Hendrickson
RuPaul's Drag Race Wooly's Apr 30 RuPaul's Drag Race
Battle of the Seasons Wooly's Apr 30 Battle of the Seasons
Michelle Visage Wooly's Apr 30 Michelle Visage
Jinkx Monsoon Wooly's Apr 30 Jinkx Monsoon
Sharon Needles Wooly's Apr 30 Sharon Needles
Ivy Winters Wooly's Apr 30 Ivy Winters
Carmen Carrera Wooly's Apr 30 Carmen Carrera
Pandora Boxx Wooly's Apr 30 Pandora Boxx
Phi Phi O'Hara Wooly's Apr 30 Phi Phi O'Hara
DJ Mimi Imfurst Wooly's Apr 30 DJ Mimi Imfurst
Uh Huh Her Wooly's May 01 Uh Huh Her
DJ Kim Anh Wooly's May 01 DJ Kim Anh
Karmin Wooly's May 02 Karmin, Bonnie McKee
Bonnie McKee Wooly's May 02 Bonnie McKee
Zoso Wooly's May 03 Zoso
Aveda Trashion Show Wooly's May 04 Aveda Trashion Show
Mayday Parade Wooly's May 06 Mayday Parade, We Are the In Crowd, Transit and 1 more...
Transit Wooly's May 06 Transit, Mayday Parade
We Are the In Crowd Wooly's May 06 We Are the In Crowd, Mayday Parade
Divided By Friday Wooly's May 06 Divided By Friday
hellogoodbye Wooly's May 08 hellogoodbye, Vacationer
Vacationer Wooly's May 08 Vacationer, Heavenly Beat, hellogoodbye
The Cold Hard Cash Show Wooly's May 09 The Cold Hard Cash Show
The Velvet Elvis 56' Wooly's May 09 The Velvet Elvis 56'
Eric Hutchinson Wooly's May 10 Eric Hutchinson
Saints of Valory Wooly's May 10 Saints of Valory
Kenny Bozich Wooly's May 10 Kenny Bozich, Saints of Valory
Blaze Ya Dead Homie Wooly's May 12 Blaze Ya Dead Homie
ABK Wooly's May 12 ABK
The Giving Tree Band Wooly's May 15 The Giving Tree Band
Mr. Baber's Neighbors Wooly's May 16 Mr. Baber's Neighbors
Evergreen Grass Band Wooly's May 16 Evergreen Grass Band
Mogwai Wooly's May 17 Mogwai
Suicidal Tendencies Wooly's May 18 Suicidal Tendencies
Heavyweight Wooly's May 18 Heavyweight, Outsiders, Suicidal Tendencies
Outsiders Wooly's May 18 Outsiders
Green Death Wooly's May 18 Green Death
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers Wooly's May 21 Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers
Cody Canada & the Departed  Wooly's May 22 Cody Canada & the Departed
Camp Euphoria Wooly's May 24 Camp Euphoria
Battle of the Bands Wooly's May 24 Battle of the Bands
Camp Euforia Wooly's May 24 Camp Euforia
The GOASTT Wooly's May 29 The GOASTT
The Ghost of a Saber Toothed Tiger Wooly's May 29 The Ghost of a Saber Toothed Tiger
The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger Wooly's May 29 The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger
Syd Arthur Wooly's May 29 Syd Arthur, The GOASTT
The Envy Corps Wooly's May 30 The Envy Corps
Holy White Hounds Wooly's May 30 Holy White Hounds
Maids Wooly's May 30 Maids
Joe Ely Wooly's May 31 Joe Ely
Guided by Voices Wooly's Jun 02 Guided by Voices
Bad Veins Wooly's Jun 07 Bad Veins
Local H Wooly's Jun 07 Local H
Hazer Wooly's Jun 07 Hazer
Black Tide Wooly's Jun 10 Black Tide
Threat Signal Wooly's Jun 10 Threat Signal, Hatchet, AFFIANCE and 1 more...
AFFIANCE Wooly's Jun 10 AFFIANCE, Hatchet, Threat Signal and 1 more...
Hatchet Wooly's Jun 10 Hatchet
HollowPoint Wooly's Jun 10 HollowPoint
Through The Darkness Wooly's Jun 10 Through The Darkness
Joey Muha Wooly's Jun 10 Joey Muha
Family Groove Company Wooly's Jun 13 Family Groove Company
Mighty Shady Wooly's Jun 13 Mighty Shady
Blood on the Dance Floor Wooly's Jun 18 Blood on the Dance Floor
Millionaires Wooly's Jun 18 Millionaires
Kid Ink Wooly's Jun 20 Kid Ink
B. Well Wooly's Jun 20 B. Well
Rob Sheppard Wooly's Jun 20 Rob Sheppard
The Knocks Wooly's Jun 21 The Knocks
ASTR Wooly's Jun 21 ASTR
Dead Larry Wooly's Jun 27 Dead Larry
O'Fosho Wooly's Jun 27 O'Fosho
Fuzzy Logic Wooly's Jun 27 Fuzzy Logic
Delta Rae Wooly's Jul 09 Delta Rae
Dads Wooly's Jul 25 Dads
Touche Amore Wooly's Jul 25 Touche Amore
Tigers Jaw Wooly's Jul 25 Tigers Jaw