Concert Tickets and Event Calendar 2015

92 Upcoming Concerts


Date Lineup
DJ Paper Tiger Wooly's Mar 03 DJ Paper Tiger
Doomtree Wooly's Mar 03 Doomtree, P.O.S., Dessa and 4 more...
Orchard Place Spelling Bee Wooly's Mar 05 Orchard Place Spelling Bee
Apathy Syndrome Wooly's Mar 06 Apathy Syndrome
Rehtek Wooly's Mar 06 Rehtek
Murder Earth Wooly's Mar 06 Murder Earth
Bottoms Up Blues Bash Wooly's Mar 07 Bottoms Up Blues Bash
The Candymakers Wooly's Mar 07 The Candymakers
The Heath Alan Band Wooly's Mar 07 The Heath Alan Band
Matt Woods & Justin Appel Wooly's Mar 07 Matt Woods & Justin Appel
Dylan Boyle Wooly's Mar 07 Dylan Boyle
Central Iowa Blues Society Wooly's Mar 07 Central Iowa Blues Society
Blues In The School Wooly's Mar 07 Blues In The School
Frank "Freight Train" Strong Jr Wooly's Mar 07 Frank "Freight Train" Strong Jr
Hoover High Wooly's Mar 07 Hoover High
Kalin & Myles Wooly's Mar 11 Kalin & Myles
Ha Ha Tonka Wooly's Mar 12 Ha Ha Tonka, Reverend Horton Heat
Reverend Horton Heat Wooly's Mar 12 Reverend Horton Heat
Rumble Seat Riot Wooly's Mar 12 Rumble Seat Riot
The Nadas Wooly's Mar 13 The Nadas
Alice Unchained Wooly's Mar 14 Alice Unchained
RuPaul's Drag Race Wooly's Mar 15 RuPaul's Drag Race
Battle of the Seasons Wooly's Mar 15 Battle of the Seasons
Hosted by Michelle Visage Wooly's Mar 15 Hosted by Michelle Visage
Adore Delano Wooly's Mar 15 Adore Delano
Bianca Del Rio Wooly's Mar 15 Bianca Del Rio
Detox Wooly's Mar 15 Detox
Ivy Winters Wooly's Mar 15 Ivy Winters
Jinkx Monsoon Wooly's Mar 15 Jinkx Monsoon
Phi Phi O'Hara Wooly's Mar 15 Phi Phi O'Hara
Sharon Needles Wooly's Mar 15 Sharon Needles
Lineup Subject To Change Wooly's Mar 15 Lineup Subject To Change
Alaska 5000 Wooly's Mar 15 Alaska 5000
Sylvan Esso Wooly's Mar 18 Sylvan Esso
Flock of Dimes Wooly's Mar 18 Flock of Dimes
New Found Glory Wooly's Mar 19 New Found Glory, Turnstile, This Wild Life and 1 more...
Turnstile Wooly's Mar 19 Turnstile
This Wild Life Wooly's Mar 19 This Wild Life, New Found Glory
Turnover Wooly's Mar 19 Turnover
The Acacia Strain Wooly's Mar 20 The Acacia Strain, The Ghost Inside
Gideon Wooly's Mar 20 Gideon, The Ghost Inside, The Acacia Strain and 1 more...
The Ghost Inside Wooly's Mar 20 The Ghost Inside
In Hearts Wake Wooly's Mar 20 In Hearts Wake, The Ghost Inside
Chad Elliott Wooly's Mar 21 Chad Elliott, Damon Dotson
Damon Dotson Wooly's Mar 21 Damon Dotson
Magic! Wooly's Mar 22 Magic!
J Boog Wooly's Mar 26 J Boog, inna vision, Westafa
inna vision Wooly's Mar 26 inna vision
Westafa Wooly's Mar 26 Westafa
Aaron Watson Wooly's Mar 27 Aaron Watson
Snoball 2015 Wooly's Mar 28 Snoball 2015
Dawn of Destruction Wooly's Mar 28 Dawn of Destruction
Cirrus Minor Wooly's Mar 28 Cirrus Minor
Index Case Wooly's Mar 28 Index Case
Deadfront Wooly's Mar 28 Deadfront
Dead Sara Wooly's Apr 07 Dead Sara
Weedeater Wooly's Apr 08 Weedeater
Superchief Wooly's Apr 08 Superchief
Omens Wooly's Apr 08 Omens
Yellowcard Wooly's Apr 10 Yellowcard
Finch Wooly's Apr 10 Finch, Yellowcard
Yellowcard & ONE OK ROCK Wooly's Apr 10 Yellowcard & ONE OK ROCK
Kalin and Myles Wooly's Apr 11 Kalin and Myles
Golden Wooly's Apr 11 Golden, Kalin & Myles, Golden and 1 more...
Kalin & Myles Wooly's Apr 11 Kalin & Myles
Anjali Wooly's Apr 11 Anjali
Texas Hippie Coalition Wooly's Apr 12 Texas Hippie Coalition
The O's Wooly's Apr 13 The O's
Todd Snider Wooly's Apr 18 Todd Snider
Rorey Carroll Wooly's Apr 18 Rorey Carroll
James McMurtry Wooly's Apr 29 James McMurtry
Max Gomez Wooly's Apr 29 Max Gomez, James McMurtry
The Story So Far Wooly's May 09 The Story So Far, Four Year Strong, Terror and 1 more...
Terror Wooly's May 09 Terror, The Story So Far, Four Year Strong and 1 more...
Souvenirs Wooly's May 09 Souvenirs
Four Year Strong Wooly's May 09 Four Year Strong
Intentions Wooly's May 13 Intentions, The Devil Wears Prada, SECRETS and 1 more...
SECRETS Wooly's May 13 SECRETS, The Devil Wears Prada, Sleepwave
Sleepwave Wooly's May 13 Sleepwave
All That Remains Wooly's May 22 All That Remains, In Flames, Periphery
In Flames Wooly's May 22 In Flames
Oloop Social Wooly's May 22 Oloop Social, Periphery, All That Remains
Ministry Wooly's May 26 Ministry
Mini Mansions Wooly's May 30 Mini Mansions, Royal Blood
Royal Blood Wooly's May 30 Royal Blood
A Better Reality Wooly's Jun 14 A Better Reality, Silverstein, Switchblade Saturdays and 1 more...
Switchblade Saturdays Wooly's Jun 14 Switchblade Saturdays
Emergency Wooly's Jun 14 Emergency
Silverstein Wooly's Jun 14 Silverstein
Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness Wooly's Jun 26 Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
Miss May I Wooly's Aug 12 Miss May I