Concert Tickets and Event Calendar 2015

82 Upcoming Concerts


Date Lineup
Green Death Wooly's May 29 Green Death
Ghosthive Wooly's May 29 Ghosthive
Deadfront Wooly's May 29 Deadfront
Submerged Wooly's May 29 Submerged
Mini Mansions Wooly's May 30 Mini Mansions, Royal Blood
Royal Blood Wooly's May 30 Royal Blood
Dylan Gardner Wooly's Jun 01 Dylan Gardner, Emily Kinney
Emily Kinney Wooly's Jun 01 Emily Kinney
Emily Kinney Music Wooly's Jun 01 Emily Kinney Music
Wilson Wooly's Jun 02 Wilson, Nothing More, Red Sun Rising
Nothing More Wooly's Jun 02 Nothing More, Nothing More, WilsonParties and 1 more...
WilsonParties Wooly's Jun 02 WilsonParties
Red Sun Rising Wooly's Jun 02 Red Sun Rising, Nothing More
Sidewise Wooly's Jun 02 Sidewise
Bleachers Wooly's Jun 03 Bleachers
CRUISR Wooly's Jun 03 CRUISR, Bleachers, CRUISR
Bonne Finken and the Collective Wooly's Jun 05 Bonne Finken and the Collective, Bonne Finken + The Collective, James Biehn and 1 more...
Freakabout Wooly's Jun 05 Freakabout, Bonne Finken + The Collective, The James Biehn Band
The James Biehn Band Wooly's Jun 05 The James Biehn Band
Freakabout! Wooly's Jun 05 Freakabout!
Demrick Wooly's Jun 06 Demrick
Dizzy Wright Wooly's Jun 06 Dizzy Wright
Nate MillyUnz Wooly's Jun 06 Nate MillyUnz
Rob Sheppard Wooly's Jun 06 Rob Sheppard
The Mowgli's Wooly's Jun 09 The Mowgli's
Firekid Wooly's Jun 09 Firekid, The Mowgli's
Vinyl Theatre Wooly's Jun 09 Vinyl Theatre, The Mowgli's
I Prevail Wooly's Jun 10 I Prevail, I Prevail
The Zealots Wooly's Jun 10 The Zealots
The Point Past Insanity Wooly's Jun 10 The Point Past Insanity
Signs of Life Wooly's Jun 10 Signs of Life
S.O.A.P. Wooly's Jun 11 S.O.A.P.
Dead Larry Wooly's Jun 11 Dead Larry
Poppa Neptune Wooly's Jun 11 Poppa Neptune
Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Wooly's Jun 12 Horseshoes & Hand Grenades
Useful Jenkins Wooly's Jun 12 Useful Jenkins
Fuzzy Logic Wooly's Jun 12 Fuzzy Logic
Apathy Syndrome Wooly's Jun 13 Apathy Syndrome
Section Hate Wooly's Jun 13 Section Hate
Ultrea Wooly's Jun 13 Ultrea
Piranha Wooly's Jun 13 Piranha
Katastrophes Tomb Wooly's Jun 13 Katastrophes Tomb
A Better Reality Wooly's Jun 14 A Better Reality, Silverstein, Switchblade Saturdays and 1 more...
Switchblade Saturdays Wooly's Jun 14 Switchblade Saturdays
Emergency Wooly's Jun 14 Emergency
Silverstein Wooly's Jun 14 Silverstein
Randy Rogers Band Wooly's Jun 18 Randy Rogers Band
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Wooly's Jun 19 Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Esperanza Spalding Wooly's Jun 24 Esperanza Spalding
Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness Wooly's Jun 26 Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
Fit For Rivals Wooly's Jun 30 Fit For Rivals
k.flay Wooly's Jul 01 k.flay, X Ambassadors
Handsome Ghost Wooly's Jul 01 Handsome Ghost, X Ambassadors
Against Me! Wooly's Jul 05 Against Me!, FRANK IERO, Annie Girl and the Flight
frnkiero andthe cellebration Wooly's Jul 05 frnkiero andthe cellebration
Annie Girl and the Flight Wooly's Jul 05 Annie Girl and the Flight
Hours Of Decay Wooly's Jul 09 Hours Of Decay
Royal'Z Wooly's Jul 09 Royal'Z
Desecrate Ethereal Wooly's Jul 09 Desecrate Ethereal
Flagship Wooly's Jul 15 Flagship
Melt-Banana Wooly's Jul 16 Melt-Banana
Hot Nerds  Wooly's Jul 16 Hot Nerds
Hot Nerds (Das Four Eyez Kult) Wooly's Jul 16 Hot Nerds (Das Four Eyez Kult), Melt-Banana, Torche
The Schwag Wooly's Jul 18 The Schwag
Snow Tha Product Wooly's Jul 26 Snow Tha Product
Between the Buried and Me Wooly's Jul 29 Between the Buried and Me, Animals as Leaders, The Contortionist
Animals as Leaders Wooly's Jul 29 Animals as Leaders
The Contortionist Wooly's Jul 29 The Contortionist, Between the Buried and Me, Animals as Leaders
Miss May I Wooly's Aug 12 Miss May I
The Creation Complex Wooly's Aug 12 The Creation Complex
The Point Past Insanity Wooly's Aug 12 The Point Past Insanity
The Curse Of Hail Wooly's Aug 12 The Curse Of Hail
GWAR Wooly's Aug 27 GWAR, Butcher Babies, Battlecross
Butcher Babies Wooly's Aug 27 Butcher Babies
Battlecross Wooly's Aug 27 Battlecross, GWAR, Butcher Babies
Apathy Syndrome Wooly's Aug 27 Apathy Syndrome
of Montreal Wooly's Oct 24 of Montreal, Diane Coffee
Diane Coffee Wooly's Oct 24 Diane Coffee, of Montreal
The Schwag Wooly's Nov 25 The Schwag