Concert Tickets and Event Calendar 2015

73 Upcoming Concerts


Date Lineup
Useful Jenkins Wooly's Sep 04 Useful Jenkins
Goodcat Wooly's Sep 04 Goodcat
Bayside Wooly's Sep 08 Bayside, The Early November, Better Off
The Early November Wooly's Sep 08 The Early November
Better Off Wooly's Sep 08 Better Off, Bayside, The Early November
Soul Phelgm Wooly's Sep 11 Soul Phelgm
Sky Patrol Wooly's Sep 11 Sky Patrol
Canby Wooly's Sep 12 Canby
Maids Wooly's Sep 12 Maids
Alice Unchained Wooly's Sep 18 Alice Unchained
Holy White Hounds Wooly's Sep 19 Holy White Hounds
william j locker Wooly's Sep 19 william j locker
Dylan Sires Wooly's Sep 19 Dylan Sires
Neighbors Wooly's Sep 19 Neighbors
The Melismatics Wooly's Sep 19 The Melismatics
Sons Of Texas Wooly's Sep 20 Sons Of Texas, Buckcherry
Saving Abel Wooly's Sep 20 Saving Abel, Buckcherry
Buckcherry Wooly's Sep 20 Buckcherry
The Zealots Wooly's Sep 20 The Zealots
Hazer Wooly's Sep 20 Hazer, Buckcherry, Saving Abel and 1 more...
Mr. Baber's Neighbors Wooly's Sep 25 Mr. Baber's Neighbors
Astronauts, etc. Wooly's Sep 26 Astronauts, etc., Toro Y Moi, Astronauts, etc.
Etc. Wooly's Sep 26 Etc.
Isaac James Wooly's Oct 03 Isaac James, Dogs Of Neptune, Nest of Snakes and 1 more...
Dogs Of Neptune Wooly's Oct 03 Dogs Of Neptune
Nest of Snakes Wooly's Oct 03 Nest of Snakes
Counterfeit Wooly's Oct 03 Counterfeit
Bad Royale Wooly's Oct 05 Bad Royale
Leon Russell Wooly's Oct 11 Leon Russell
Christopher the Conquered Wooly's Oct 11 Christopher the Conquered, Leon Russell
Mali Music Wooly's Oct 15 Mali Music
Andy Mineo Wooly's Oct 15 Andy Mineo
Propaganda Wooly's Oct 15 Propaganda
One Man Breaking Bad Wooly's Oct 16 One Man Breaking Bad
Matt Nathanson Wooly's Oct 17 Matt Nathanson
Family and Friends Wooly's Oct 18 Family and Friends
The Oh Hello's Wooly's Oct 18 The Oh Hello's, Family and Friends, Cereus Bright
Cereus Bright Wooly's Oct 18 Cereus Bright, The Oh Hellos, Family and Friends
The Oh Hellos Wooly's Oct 18 The Oh Hellos
SOJA Wooly's Oct 20 SOJA
J Boog Wooly's Oct 20 J Boog, SOJA
Harm's Way Wooly's Oct 21 Harm's Way
Saturn Ascends Wooly's Oct 23 Saturn Ascends
Alice Unchained Wooly's Oct 23 Alice Unchained
Diane Coffee Wooly's Oct 24 Diane Coffee, of Montreal
of Montreal Wooly's Oct 24 of Montreal
machineheart Wooly's Oct 25 machineheart, Smallpools
Smallpools Wooly's Oct 25 Smallpools
Phoebe Ryan Wooly's Oct 25 Phoebe Ryan
The Devil Makes Three Wooly's Oct 27 The Devil Makes Three
The Deslondes Wooly's Oct 27 The Deslondes, The Devil Makes Three
The Devil Makes 3 Wooly's Oct 27 The Devil Makes 3
The Motet Wooly's Oct 28 The Motet
Alternative Press Wooly's Oct 30 Alternative Press, Mayday Parade, Real Friends and 2 more...
Iration Wooly's Nov 01 Iration, The Green, Hours Eastly
Hours Eastly Wooly's Nov 01 Hours Eastly, Iration, The Green
The Green Wooly's Nov 01 The Green, Iration
Nels Cline Wooly's Nov 04 Nels Cline, Sam Amidon
Sam Amidon Wooly's Nov 04 Sam Amidon, Nels Cline
Stained Radiance Wooly's Nov 04 Stained Radiance
Nels Cline and Norton Wisdom Wooly's Nov 04 Nels Cline and Norton Wisdom
Robert DeLong Wooly's Nov 12 Robert DeLong, Robert DeLong, Coleman Hell
Coleman Hell Wooly's Nov 12 Coleman Hell
Fraternities Wooly's Nov 14 Fraternities
Oceans Ate Alaska Wooly's Nov 14 Oceans Ate Alaska, Blessthefall
Emarosa Wooly's Nov 14 Emarosa
Stick to Your Guns Wooly's Nov 14 Stick to Your Guns
Blessthefall Wooly's Nov 14 Blessthefall
Pokey LaFarge Wooly's Nov 15 Pokey LaFarge
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers Wooly's Nov 19 Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers
The Schwag Wooly's Nov 25 The Schwag