Concert Tickets and Event Calendar 2015

59 Upcoming Concerts


Date Lineup
Justin Adams Wooly's Dec 04 Justin Adams
Cody Hicks Wooly's Dec 04 Cody Hicks
John Fullbright Wooly's Dec 05 John Fullbright
Little Big Fest Wooly's Dec 05 Little Big Fest
Pieta Brown Wooly's Dec 05 Pieta Brown
Matt Woods Wooly's Dec 05 Matt Woods
Bob Pace Wooly's Dec 05 Bob Pace
Heath Alan Band Wooly's Dec 05 Heath Alan Band
David Zollo and the Body Electric Wooly's Dec 05 David Zollo and the Body Electric
River Glen Wooly's Dec 05 River Glen
Saint Asonia Wooly's Dec 06 Saint Asonia
Blacked Out World Wooly's Dec 06 Blacked Out World
Days Left Wooly's Dec 06 Days Left
American Country Wooly's Dec 11 American Country
Through The Darkness Wooly's Dec 12 Through The Darkness
Fatal Addiction Wooly's Dec 12 Fatal Addiction
Journey's End Wooly's Dec 12 Journey's End
Ashes Armada Wooly's Dec 12 Ashes Armada
The Wombats Wooly's Dec 16 The Wombats
The Nadas Wooly's Dec 18 The Nadas
Euforquestra Wooly's Dec 19 Euforquestra, Tallgrass, Mr. Baber's Neighbors: The Solar String Band
Tallgrass Wooly's Dec 19 Tallgrass
Mr. Baber's Neighbors: The Solar String Band Wooly's Dec 19 Mr. Baber's Neighbors: The Solar String Band
tall grass Wooly's Dec 19 tall grass
Mr. Baber's Neighbors Wooly's Dec 19 Mr. Baber's Neighbors
James Biehn Wooly's Dec 20 James Biehn
The 2nd Annual Ugly Sweater Music Fest Wooly's Dec 22 The 2nd Annual Ugly Sweater Music Fest
Mike T Wooly's Dec 22 Mike T
Sky Patrol Wooly's Dec 22 Sky Patrol
LT Mentality Wooly's Dec 22 LT Mentality
prettygirlhatemachine Wooly's Dec 22 prettygirlhatemachine
Display Case Wooly's Dec 22 Display Case
Subjec1ne Wooly's Dec 22 Subjec1ne
The Mackinacks Wooly's Dec 22 The Mackinacks
Wrestlepalooza Wooly's Jan 09, 2016 Wrestlepalooza
Hazer Wooly's Jan 16, 2016 Hazer
Handlebar Wooly's Jan 16, 2016 Handlebar
Caducus Wooly's Jan 16, 2016 Caducus
Pets Wooly's Jan 16, 2016 Pets
Human Names Wooly's Jan 16, 2016 Human Names
Mr. Baber's Neighbors Wooly's Jan 22, 2016 Mr. Baber's Neighbors
Evergreen Grass Band Wooly's Jan 22, 2016 Evergreen Grass Band
Guster Wooly's Feb 03, 2016 Guster
Vetiver Wooly's Feb 03, 2016 Vetiver
Jack Wooly's Feb 13, 2016 Jack
dAYA Wooly's Feb 13, 2016 dAYA
Naughty by Nature Wooly's Feb 16, 2016 Naughty by Nature
Pert' Near Sandstone Wooly's Feb 19, 2016 Pert' Near Sandstone
Skizzy Mars Wooly's Feb 23, 2016 Skizzy Mars
Kool John Wooly's Feb 23, 2016 Kool John
P-Lo Wooly's Feb 23, 2016 P-Lo
Cash'd Out Wooly's Feb 24, 2016 Cash'd Out
Nicholas David Wooly's Feb 26, 2016 Nicholas David
The Lacs Wooly's Mar 05, 2016 The Lacs
Stick Figure Wooly's Mar 18, 2016 Stick Figure
Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors Wooly's Apr 17, 2016 Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors
The Neighbors Wooly's Apr 17, 2016 The Neighbors
Jill Andrews Wooly's Apr 17, 2016 Jill Andrews, Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors