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Date Lineup
Dogs Of Neptune Wooly's Aug 26 Dogs Of Neptune
Marcato Wooly's Aug 26 Marcato
As for You Wooly's Aug 26 As for You
Final Escape Wooly's Aug 26 Final Escape
Finger 11 Wooly's Aug 27 Finger 11
Gunnar & The Grizzly Boys Wooly's Sep 09 Gunnar & The Grizzly Boys
Gunnar Wooly's Sep 09 Gunnar
the Grizzly Boys Wooly's Sep 09 the Grizzly Boys
Bob Mould Wooly's Sep 11 Bob Mould
Bob Mould Band Wooly's Sep 11 Bob Mould Band
Fury Things Wooly's Sep 11 Fury Things
The Band of Heathens Wooly's Sep 13 The Band of Heathens, Strangetowne
Strangetowne Wooly's Sep 13 Strangetowne
Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers Wooly's Sep 14 Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers
Roger Clyne Wooly's Sep 14 Roger Clyne
TheRealBigSmo Wooly's Sep 15 TheRealBigSmo
Haden Carpenter Wooly's Sep 15 Haden Carpenter
SIRES Wooly's Sep 16 SIRES
Halfloves Wooly's Sep 16 Halfloves
Eklectica Wooly's Sep 16 Eklectica
Hot Buttered Rum Wooly's Sep 21 Hot Buttered Rum, The Lil' Smokies
The Lil' Smokies Wooly's Sep 21 The Lil' Smokies, Hot Buttered Rum
The Lil Smokes Wooly's Sep 21 The Lil Smokes
Taking Back Sunday Wooly's Sep 22 Taking Back Sunday, You Blew It!
Index Case Wooly's Sep 23 Index Case
Screaming For Silence Wooly's Sep 23 Screaming For Silence
The Curse Of Hail Wooly's Sep 23 The Curse Of Hail
Final Escape Wooly's Sep 23 Final Escape
Casey Donahew Wooly's Sep 25 Casey Donahew
Danny Brown Wooly's Sep 27 Danny Brown, Danny Brown, Maxo Kream and 1 more...
Maxo Kream Wooly's Sep 27 Maxo Kream
ZelooperZ Wooly's Sep 27 ZelooperZ
Eric Hutchinson Wooly's Sep 28 Eric Hutchinson
Great Caesar Wooly's Sep 28 Great Caesar
Haddon Cord Wooly's Sep 28 Haddon Cord
Sick Puppies Wooly's Sep 29 Sick Puppies
Through Fire Wooly's Sep 29 Through Fire
Fatal Addiction Wooly's Sep 29 Fatal Addiction
The Wombats Wooly's Sep 30 The Wombats
Mona Wooly's Sep 30 Mona
The Devil Makes Three Wooly's Oct 02 The Devil Makes Three
support to be announced Wooly's Oct 02 support to be announced
LOST DOG street band Wooly's Oct 02 LOST DOG street band
VersaEmerge El Salvador Wooly's Oct 04 VersaEmerge El Salvador
Suicide Silence Wooly's Oct 04 Suicide Silence, Whitechapel, Carnifex and 1 more...
Whitechapel Wooly's Oct 04 Whitechapel
Oceano Wooly's Oct 04 Oceano
Carnifex Wooly's Oct 04 Carnifex, Suicide Silence, Whitechapel and 1 more...
DevilDriver Wooly's Oct 09 DevilDriver, Hatebreed, Devil You Know
Devil You Know Wooly's Oct 09 Devil You Know, DevilDriver, Hatebreed
Hatebreed Wooly's Oct 09 Hatebreed, DevilDriver, Devil You Know
Jack Garratt Wooly's Oct 10 Jack Garratt
Brasstracks Wooly's Oct 10 Brasstracks
Randy Wooly's Oct 12 Randy
Lahey Wooly's Oct 12 Lahey
Randy and Mr. Lahey Wooly's Oct 12 Randy and Mr. Lahey
Bishop Briggs Wooly's Oct 14 Bishop Briggs
The Nadas Wooly's Oct 14 The Nadas
Cute Is What We Aim For Wooly's Oct 17 Cute Is What We Aim For
St. Lucia Wooly's Oct 19 St. Lucia, Baio
Baio Wooly's Oct 19 Baio
Gnash Wooly's Oct 20 Gnash
Tunji Ige Wooly's Oct 20 Tunji Ige
Mark Johns Wooly's Oct 20 Mark Johns
Goody Grace Wooly's Oct 20 Goody Grace
Triangle Park Wooly's Oct 20 Triangle Park
Kranium Wooly's Oct 22 Kranium
VeeCee Wooly's Oct 22 VeeCee
HIRIE Wooly's Nov 09 HIRIE, Rebelution
Rebelution Wooly's Nov 09 Rebelution, HIRIE
YG Wooly's Nov 10 YG
Kamaiyah Wooly's Nov 10 Kamaiyah
RJ Wooly's Nov 10 RJ
Sad Boy Wooly's Nov 10 Sad Boy
GB Leighton Wooly's Nov 12 GB Leighton
Apathy Syndrome Wooly's Dec 03 Apathy Syndrome
Narcotic Self Wooly's Dec 03 Narcotic Self
Ghosthive Wooly's Dec 03 Ghosthive