Concert Tickets and Event Calendar 2015

14 Upcoming Concerts


Date Lineup
Exotype Empire Feb 06 Exotype
Mick Jenkins Empire Feb 13 Mick Jenkins
Kirk Knight Empire Feb 13 Kirk Knight, Mick Jenkins
Revocation Empire Feb 18 Revocation
The Contortionist Empire Feb 18 The Contortionist, Revocation, Fallujah and 1 more...
Fallujah Empire Feb 18 Fallujah, The Contortionist
Toothgrinder Empire Feb 18 Toothgrinder, The Contortionist
Silent on Fifth Street Empire Feb 18 Silent on Fifth Street, The Contortionist, Tooth Grinder and 2 more...
Mod Sun Empire Feb 27 Mod Sun
Dillon Cooper Empire Feb 27 Dillon Cooper, Mod Sun
Vanna Empire Apr 25 Vanna
The Color Morale Empire Apr 25 The Color Morale
Slaves (Official) Empire Apr 25 Slaves (Official), The Color Morale, Vanna and 1 more...
Favorite Weapon Empire Apr 25 Favorite Weapon, The Color Morale