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Date Lineup
Harrison Steele Barleycorn's Nov 25 Harrison Steele
The Plains Barleycorn's Nov 25 The Plains
Pageant Boys Barleycorn's Nov 25 Pageant Boys
Finer Spirit Barleycorn's Nov 25 Finer Spirit
KING SLUG Barleycorn's Nov 25 KING SLUG
Ke'Juan Moses Barleycorn's Nov 26 Ke'Juan Moses
Blksol Barleycorn's Nov 26 Blksol
Uncle Bam Barleycorn's Nov 26 Uncle Bam
Barleycorn's Open Mic Night! Barleycorn's Nov 27 Barleycorn's Open Mic Night!
The Secret Circus Barleycorn's Nov 28 The Secret Circus
Emo Night Karaoke Barleycorn's Nov 29 Emo Night Karaoke
Pretend Friend Barleycorn's Nov 30 Pretend Friend, Pre-Existing Conniptions, Rush Hicks
Rush Hicks Barleycorn's Nov 30 Rush Hicks
Hey Radio Barleycorn's Nov 30 Hey Radio
The Calm Barleycorn's Dec 01 The Calm
Riot Nurse Barleycorn's Dec 01 Riot Nurse
Vehicles Barleycorn's Dec 02 Vehicles
Piranhas Barleycorn's Dec 02 Piranhas
Sleep Signals Barleycorn's Dec 05 Sleep Signals, Elisium
Sleep  signals Barleycorn's Dec 05 Sleep signals
Stay The Course Barleycorn's Dec 05 Stay The Course
Comedy Open Mic Barleycorn's Dec 05 Comedy Open Mic
The Dustbowl Revival Barleycorn's Dec 08 The Dustbowl Revival
The Island of Misfit Toys Barleycorn's Dec 16 The Island of Misfit Toys
Psymbionic Barleycorn's Dec 22 Psymbionic
Sun Seeker Barleycorn's Feb 10, 2018 Sun Seeker
Jessica Lea Mayfield Barleycorn's Feb 10, 2018 Jessica Lea Mayfield