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Magic Hatstand's Quirk Cavern Aug 18 Magic Hatstand's Quirk
Exeter Punk's Picnic Cavern Aug 19 Exeter Punk's Picnic
Sworn Amongst Cavern Aug 23 Sworn Amongst
Lotus Eater Cavern Aug 23 Lotus Eater
Honeypot Cavern Aug 24 Honeypot
Dogeyed Cavern Aug 24 Dogeyed
Wreckage 7 Cavern Aug 29 Wreckage 7
Insane Society Cavern Aug 31 Insane Society
Magic Hatstand Cavern Sep 01 Magic Hatstand
Indie Club Cavern Sep 02 Indie Club
All Living Fear Cavern Sep 02 All Living Fear
Chay Snowdon Cavern Sep 02 Chay Snowdon
Lotus Eater Cavern Sep 06 Lotus Eater
Magic Hatstand Cavern Sep 06 Magic Hatstand
Rattle Cavern Sep 07 Rattle
Myles Manley Cavern Sep 07 Myles Manley
Dusty Bible Cavern Sep 07 Dusty Bible
Return To The 80s! Free Entry! Cavern Sep 08 Return To The 80s! Free Entry!
Indie Club Cavern Sep 09 Indie Club
Hope Through Devastation Pt 11 Cavern Sep 11 Hope Through Devastation Pt 11
Indie Club Cavern Sep 16 Indie Club
Guests Fresh Cavern Sep 16 Guests Fresh
His Judgemental Father Cavern Sep 16 His Judgemental Father
Dirty Club Classics Cavern Sep 18 Dirty Club Classics
Magic Shoppe Cavern Sep 21 Magic Shoppe
Indie Club Cavern Sep 23 Indie Club
Penelope Isles Cavern Sep 23 Penelope Isles
Mike Watt  Il Sogno Del Marinaio Cavern Sep 28 Mike Watt Il Sogno Del Marinaio
Indie Club Cavern Sep 30 Indie Club
Magic Hatstand Cavern Oct 06 Magic Hatstand
Strange Bones  Guests Cavern Oct 15 Strange Bones Guests
Tigercub Cavern Oct 17 Tigercub
Ben Ottewell Cavern Oct 25 Ben Ottewell
Indie Club Cavern Oct 28 Indie Club
Syd Arthur Cavern Nov 02 Syd Arthur
One-Eyed Doll Cavern Nov 09 One-Eyed Doll
Ducking Punches Cavern Nov 16 Ducking Punches
We Blessthis Mess Cavern Nov 16 We Blessthis Mess
We Bless This Mess Cavern Nov 16 We Bless This Mess, Ducking Punches
Hell Is for Heroes Cavern Feb 15, 2018 Hell Is for Heroes