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SOLAR BLAZE club wakuum Sep 28 SOLAR BLAZE, SOLAR BLAZE, Intra and 1 more...
AIR RAID club wakuum Oct 08 AIR RAID
Lord Bishop Rocks club wakuum Oct 10 Lord Bishop Rocks
Maira club wakuum Oct 12 Maira, WILD ARROWS, Grey Skies Ahead and 1 more...
Summer Road club wakuum Oct 13 Summer Road
FritzCobra club wakuum Oct 14 FritzCobra, The AweZombies, The Refrigerators
the Maension club wakuum Nov 17 the Maension, THE MÆNSION
THE MÆNSION club wakuum Nov 17 THE MÆNSION
Death Before Digital club wakuum Nov 24 Death Before Digital
Kila Kahuna club wakuum Dec 16 Kila Kahuna