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Steve Capecci Loosey's Oct 15 Steve Capecci
Guerilla Poubelle Loosey's Oct 26 Guerilla Poubelle
Direct Hit! Loosey's Oct 26 Direct Hit!
Jason Guy Smiley Loosey's Oct 26 Jason Guy Smiley, Direct Hit!, Red City Radio and 6 more...
Red City Radio Loosey's Oct 26 Red City Radio
Arms Aloft Loosey's Oct 26 Arms Aloft
The Bombpops Loosey's Oct 26 The Bombpops
Matt Woods Loosey's Oct 26 Matt Woods
Boss' Daughter Loosey's Oct 26 Boss' Daughter
Ellen and the Degenerates Loosey's Oct 27 Ellen and the Degenerates, Save Ends, Early Riser and 9 more...
Jason Guy Smiley Loosey's Oct 28 Jason Guy Smiley, Red City Radio, Joe McMahon
Daydream Loosey's Oct 28 Daydream, Hot Knife, VAPERS and 13 more...
Hora Douse Loosey's Oct 29 Hora Douse, Against Me!, Beach Slang and 9 more...
Felicity Loosey's Nov 03 Felicity, Bothering Dennis
Cory Branan Loosey's Nov 23 Cory Branan
Jon Snodgrass Loosey's Nov 23 Jon Snodgrass