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Date Lineup
Stags Corporation Apr 01 Stags
Rehab Presents Corporation Apr 01 Rehab Presents
Fragile Things Corporation Apr 08 Fragile Things, Nine Miles South, Baranovich and 1 more...
Steal The City Corporation Apr 08 Steal The City, Fragile Things, Baranovich
The Tide Corporation Apr 10 The Tide
Seconds Apart Corporation Apr 14 Seconds Apart, Ember Weir
Home Wrecked Corporation Apr 14 Home Wrecked, Seconds Apart, Ember Weir and 1 more...
Ember Weir Corporation Apr 14 Ember Weir, Seconds Apart
Regulus Corporation Apr 15 Regulus
Night Of The Riff Corporation Apr 15 Night Of The Riff
Red Spektor Corporation Apr 22 Red Spektor
Tax The Heat Corporation Apr 24 Tax The Heat, Tax The Heat
The Quireboys Corporation Apr 29 The Quireboys
Black Spiders Corporation May 02 Black Spiders
Slydigs Corporation May 22 Slydigs
Panic Room Corporation Jun 03 Panic Room
ArnoCorps Corporation Jul 27 ArnoCorps
The Crüxshadows Corporation Sep 15 The Crüxshadows
Tyketto Corporation Nov 11 Tyketto
SHAM 69 'PURSEY Corporation Nov 25 SHAM 69 'PURSEY
Parsons Corporation Nov 25 Parsons
TREGANNA Corporation Nov 25 TREGANNA
GUY' Corporation Nov 25 GUY'