Concert Tickets and Event Calendar 2015

48 Upcoming Concerts


Date Lineup
Heaven's Basement Corporation May 29 Heaven's Basement
E of E Corporation May 29 E of E, Heaven's Basement, Glamour of the Kill and 1 more...
Steal The City Corporation May 29 Steal The City, Heaven's Basement, Glamour of the Kill and 3 more...
The Lurkers Corporation May 30 The Lurkers
The Lafontaines Corporation May 31 The Lafontaines
ACODA Corporation Jun 05 ACODA, ACODA, Attention Thieves and 1 more...
Attention Thieves Corporation Jun 05 Attention Thieves
Press To Meco Corporation Jun 05 Press To Meco, Attention Thieves, ACODA
For the Win Corporation Jun 06 For the Win, A Loss for Words
Wind In Sails Corporation Jun 06 Wind In Sails
Mac sabbath Corporation Jun 06 Mac sabbath
Twitching Tongues Corporation Jun 22 Twitching Tongues
Swan Song UKHC Corporation Jun 22 Swan Song UKHC, Twitching Tongues, Disgrace
Liberty Lies Corporation Jun 25 Liberty Lies, Max Raptor, Empire
Max Raptor Corporation Jun 25 Max Raptor
Empire Corporation Jun 25 Empire
999 Corporation Jun 27 999
The Midnight Ghost Train Corporation Jul 04 The Midnight Ghost Train
I Divide Corporation Jul 06 I Divide
The Silhouettes Corporation Jul 06 The Silhouettes
Area 11 Corporation Jul 09 Area 11, Area 11
Sunflower Dead Corporation Jul 14 Sunflower Dead, Snot, Sunflower Dead
Snot Corporation Jul 14 Snot
Nick Oliveri Corporation Jul 17 Nick Oliveri
John Parr Corporation Jul 18 John Parr
Jonny Craig Corporation Jul 18 Jonny Craig
The  Alabama 3 Corporation Jul 24 The Alabama 3
Alabama 3 Corporation Jul 24 Alabama 3
Blues Pills Corporation Jul 28 Blues Pills
Lionheart Corporation Aug 17 Lionheart
First Blood Corporation Aug 17 First Blood
Regulus Corporation Aug 22 Regulus, Regulus, Iron Void
Jonny Craig Corporation Sep 02 Jonny Craig
Regulus Corporation Sep 09 Regulus
Winterfylleth Corporation Sep 17 Winterfylleth, Winterfylleth, Voices and 1 more...
Ninkharsag Corporation Sep 17 Ninkharsag
Voices Corporation Sep 17 Voices
Gun Corporation Oct 03 Gun
Wheatus Corporation Oct 04 Wheatus
Mike Doughty Corporation Oct 04 Mike Doughty, Wheatus
The Raven Age Corporation Oct 10 The Raven Age, Skarlett Riot
Skarlett Riot Corporation Oct 10 Skarlett Riot
Hanzel und Gretyl Corporation Oct 16 Hanzel und Gretyl
I Am Giant Corporation Oct 17 I Am Giant, I Am Giant, Intersphere
Leaves' Eyes Official Corporation Nov 06 Leaves' Eyes Official
Leaves' Eyes Corporation Nov 06 Leaves' Eyes
Liv Kristine Official Corporation Nov 06 Liv Kristine Official, Leaves' Eyes