Concert Tickets and Event Calendar 2015

33 Upcoming Concerts


Date Lineup
GUNS or ROSES Corporation Apr 25 GUNS or ROSES
Buck & Evans Corporation Apr 25 Buck & Evans, Buffalo Summer
Regulus Corporation Apr 25 Regulus, Buffalo Summer, Buck & Evans and 1 more...
Lacrota Corporation May 01 Lacrota, Devilator, Immension and 3 more...
Immension Corporation May 01 Immension
Set It Off Corporation May 08 Set It Off
Decade Corporation May 08 Decade, Set It Off, Brawlers
Zoax Corporation May 16 Zoax, Fearless Vampire Killers
The Unbreakable Hearts Tour Corporation May 16 The Unbreakable Hearts Tour
Fearless Vampire Killers Corporation May 16 Fearless Vampire Killers, Zoax, MythCity UK
68 Corporation May 18 68
Capsize Corporation May 18 Capsize
Dead Shed Jokers Corporation May 22 Dead Shed Jokers, Eureka Machines, Santiago Kings
No Consequence Corporation May 22 No Consequence
Murdock Corporation May 22 Murdock
Monuments Corporation May 22 Monuments
The Picturebooks Corporation May 23 The Picturebooks
Heaven's Basement Corporation May 29 Heaven's Basement
Steal The City Corporation May 29 Steal The City, Heaven's Basement, Glamour of the Kill and 3 more...
E of E Corporation May 29 E of E, Heaven's Basement, Glamour of the Kill and 1 more...
Press To Meco Corporation Jun 05 Press To Meco, Attention Thieves, ACODA
ACODA Corporation Jun 05 ACODA, ACODA, Attention Thieves and 1 more...
Attention Thieves Corporation Jun 05 Attention Thieves
Wind In Sails Corporation Jun 06 Wind In Sails
I Divide Corporation Jul 06 I Divide
The  Alabama 3 Corporation Jul 24 The Alabama 3
Winterfylleth Corporation Sep 17 Winterfylleth, Winterfylleth, Voices and 1 more...
Ninkharsag Corporation Sep 17 Ninkharsag
Wheatus Corporation Oct 04 Wheatus
The Raven Age Corporation Oct 10 The Raven Age, Skarlett Riot
I Am Giant Corporation Oct 17 I Am Giant, I Am Giant, Intersphere
Leaves' Eyes Official Corporation Nov 06 Leaves' Eyes Official
Liv Kristine Official Corporation Nov 06 Liv Kristine Official, Leaves' Eyes