52 Upcoming Concerts


Date Lineup
Fearless Vampire Killers Corporation Apr 24 Fearless Vampire Killers
Bad Pollyanna Corporation Apr 24 Bad Pollyanna, Fearless Vampire Killers, DEAD!
Bob Log III Corporation Apr 25 Bob Log III
Hands Like Houses Corporation Apr 26 Hands Like Houses
The Vans Acoustic Basement Tour Corporation Apr 28 The Vans Acoustic Basement Tour
Brian Marquis Corporation Apr 28 Brian Marquis, Geoff Rickly, KOJI and 2 more...
Acoustic Basement Corporation Apr 28 Acoustic Basement, Brian Marquis, Geoff Rickly and 2 more...
KOJI Corporation Apr 28 KOJI, Brian Marquis
Acoustic Basement Tour UK 2014 Corporation Apr 28 Acoustic Basement Tour UK 2014
For Our Futures Corporation May 01 For Our Futures
Tyler Mae Corporation May 01 Tyler Mae
Tek-One Corporation May 01 Tek-One
Regulus Corporation May 02 Regulus
In Arms Corporation May 03 In Arms, Malevolence, Brutality Will Prevail
Festivile Corporation May 03 Festivile
Desolated Corporation May 03 Desolated
Sworn to Oath Corporation May 03 Sworn to Oath
State Champs Corporation May 09 State Champs, The Wonder Years
The Wonder Years Corporation May 09 The Wonder Years, A Loss for Words, State Champs
A Loss for Words Corporation May 09 A Loss for Words, The Wonder Years
Kaine Corporation May 10 Kaine, Monument
Angel At My Table @ Corporation Corporation May 13 Angel At My Table @ Corporation
Sheffield Corporation May 13 Sheffield
Amaryllis Corporation May 13 Amaryllis, Angel at my table, Orchard Hill
The Red Paintings Corporation May 15 The Red Paintings
InMe Corporation May 15 InMe
Major League Corporation May 17 Major League, I Am the Avalanche
Seconds Apart Corporation May 19 Seconds Apart
Xerxes (UK) Corporation May 22 Xerxes (UK), Regulus, Troika and 1 more...
Regulus Corporation May 22 Regulus, Xerxes (UK)
Ghost Town Corporation May 30 Ghost Town
the Outfits Corporation Jun 07 the Outfits
Ayria Corporation Jun 21 Ayria
Inertia Corporation Jun 21 Inertia
Jeff Scott Soto Corporation Jun 24 Jeff Scott Soto
Neuronspoiler Corporation Jun 24 Neuronspoiler, Jeff Scott Soto
Worry Blast Corporation Jun 24 Worry Blast, Jeff Scott Soto
Nile Corporation Jun 25 Nile
The Members Corporation Jun 28 The Members
Vain Corporation Jul 08 Vain
StOp, sToP Corporation Jul 12 StOp, sToP
Mind And Separation Corporation Jul 19 Mind And Separation, Nasty, Martyr Defiled
Slam Cartel Corporation Sep 05 Slam Cartel
Carcer City Corporation Sep 07 Carcer City
Mike Tramp Corporation Sep 13 Mike Tramp
Attica Rage Corporation Sep 28 Attica Rage
Kids in Glass Houses Corporation Oct 12 Kids in Glass Houses
Hanzel und Gretyl (Official) Corporation Oct 17 Hanzel und Gretyl (Official)
Deadcell Corporation Oct 17 Deadcell, Hanzel und Gretyl
Hanzel und Gretyl Corporation Oct 17 Hanzel und Gretyl
[spunge] Corporation Nov 17 [spunge]
China Drum Corporation Dec 16 China Drum