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Date Lineup
Black Spiders Corporation May 02 Black Spiders
Bigfoot  Corporation May 02 Bigfoot
Slydigs Corporation May 22 Slydigs
Hell's Addiction Corporation May 27 Hell's Addiction
Rusko Corporation May 28 Rusko
Panic Room Corporation Jun 03 Panic Room
Skarlett Riot Corporation Jun 04 Skarlett Riot
All Them Witches Corporation Jul 22 All Them Witches
ArnoCorps Corporation Jul 27 ArnoCorps
Inertia Corporation Sep 02 Inertia, Inertia, Kloq and 1 more...
Kloq Corporation Sep 02 Kloq
Global Citizen Corporation Sep 02 Global Citizen
The Crüxshadows Corporation Sep 15 The Crüxshadows
The Kentucky Headhunters Corporation Oct 05 The Kentucky Headhunters
DragonForce Corporation Oct 07 DragonForce
Akercocke Corporation Oct 14 Akercocke
Evil Scarecrow Corporation Oct 28 Evil Scarecrow
Tyketto Corporation Nov 11 Tyketto
SHAM 69 'PURSEY Corporation Nov 25 SHAM 69 'PURSEY
Parsons Corporation Nov 25 Parsons
TREGANNA Corporation Nov 25 TREGANNA
GUY' Corporation Nov 25 GUY'
Electric Boys Corporation Nov 26 Electric Boys