Concert Tickets and Event Calendar 2014

80 Upcoming Concerts


Date Lineup
Electric Boys Corporation Sep 20 Electric Boys
Bad Touch Corporation Sep 20 Bad Touch
Under the Influence Corporation Sep 22 Under the Influence
Seconds Apart Corporation Sep 22 Seconds Apart, Under the Influence
Fu Manchu Corporation Sep 25 Fu Manchu
Malevolence Corporation Sep 26 Malevolence
In Arms Corporation Sep 26 In Arms, TRC, Malevolence
Attica Rage Corporation Sep 28 Attica Rage, Fury, COYOTE MAD SEEDS
COYOTE MAD SEEDS Corporation Sep 28 COYOTE MAD SEEDS, Attica Rage, Fury
Kobra and The Lotus Corporation Sep 29 Kobra and The Lotus
Kobra Paige Corporation Sep 29 Kobra Paige, Kobra and The Lotus
Madball Corporation Oct 01 Madball
Coldburn Corporation Oct 01 Coldburn, Madball
Regulus Corporation Oct 04 Regulus
Chasing Dragons [Official Band Page] Corporation Oct 05 Chasing Dragons [Official Band Page]
I Divide Corporation Oct 09 I Divide, THE DIRTY YOUTH
Red Rum Corporation Oct 10 Red Rum, Alestorm, Lagerstein and 1 more...
Alestorm Corporation Oct 10 Alestorm
Lagerstein Corporation Oct 10 Lagerstein
Rainbowdragoneyes Corporation Oct 10 Rainbowdragoneyes
The Treatment Corporation Oct 11 The Treatment, Buffalo Summer, Massiv
Buffalo Summer Corporation Oct 11 Buffalo Summer
Massiv Corporation Oct 11 Massiv
Kids in Glass Houses Corporation Oct 12 Kids in Glass Houses
Marmozets Corporation Oct 13 Marmozets, Lonely The Brave, Allusondrugs
Allusondrugs Corporation Oct 13 Allusondrugs
Marmozets & Lonely The Brave Corporation Oct 13 Marmozets & Lonely The Brave
Losers Corporation Oct 16 Losers
Forsaken Corporation Oct 16 Forsaken
Soul Search Corporation Oct 16 Soul Search
Hanzel und Gretyl (Official) Corporation Oct 17 Hanzel und Gretyl (Official)
Deadcell Corporation Oct 17 Deadcell, Hanzel und Gretyl
Hanzel und Gretyl Corporation Oct 17 Hanzel und Gretyl
Hawklords Corporation Oct 18 Hawklords
Acres Corporation Oct 21 Acres
Climates Corporation Oct 21 Climates
Feed The Rhino Corporation Oct 23 Feed The Rhino
Baby Godzilla Corporation Oct 23 Baby Godzilla
Night Verses Corporation Oct 23 Night Verses, Feed The Rhino
American Head Charge Corporation Oct 24 American Head Charge, Wolfborne, Hed PE and 1 more...
Hed PE Corporation Oct 24 Hed PE
SOiL Official Corporation Oct 24 SOiL Official
Wolfborne Corporation Oct 24 Wolfborne, American Head Charge
Soil Corporation Oct 24 Soil, American Head Charge
P. E. Corporation Oct 24 P. E.
8 Foot Sativa Corporation Oct 24 8 Foot Sativa
Starborn Corporation Oct 30 Starborn, Northern Oak, Troika
Bob Log III Corporation Nov 01 Bob Log III
Chiodos Corporation Nov 06 Chiodos, The Blackout, When We Were Wolves
The Blackout Corporation Nov 06 The Blackout, Chiodos
When We Were Wolves Corporation Nov 06 When We Were Wolves, The Blackout, Chiodos
Monster Truck Corporation Nov 08 Monster Truck
The Xcerts Corporation Nov 11 The Xcerts
Lit Corporation Nov 15 Lit
Hey Vanity Corporation Nov 15 Hey Vanity
[spunge] Corporation Nov 17 [spunge]
Dead Frequency Corporation Nov 17 Dead Frequency, [spunge]
The One Hundred Corporation Nov 18 The One Hundred, Hacktivist, Dead Harts
Dead Harts Corporation Nov 18 Dead Harts, The One Hundred
I AM I Corporation Nov 23 I AM I, Fahran, Ajenda
ZP Theart (Official) Corporation Nov 23 ZP Theart (Official), I AM I
Ajenda Corporation Nov 23 Ajenda, I AM I
Orgy Corporation Nov 26 Orgy
The Quireboys Corporation Nov 29 The Quireboys
Vargas Blues Band Corporation Nov 29 Vargas Blues Band
Preachers Son Corporation Nov 29 Preachers Son, The Quireboys
Magnum Corporation Dec 02 Magnum
John Garcia Corporation Dec 05 John Garcia
I Am Giant Corporation Dec 06 I Am Giant, Heaven's Basement, Eureka Machines and 3 more...
Eureka Machines Corporation Dec 06 Eureka Machines
Zodiac Black Corporation Dec 06 Zodiac Black
Sno Corporation Dec 06 Sno
COYOTE MAD SEEDS Corporation Dec 06 COYOTE MAD SEEDS, Back To Verona, The Black Hands and 8 more...
Black Spiders Corporation Dec 06 Black Spiders, Heavents Basement, The Answer
Heavents Basement Corporation Dec 06 Heavents Basement
Down N Outz Corporation Dec 11 Down N Outz
The Business Corporation Dec 13 The Business
China Drum Corporation Dec 16 China Drum