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Date Lineup
Emperor Phunk FAC251 Nov 25 Emperor Phunk
The Nightmares FAC251 Nov 25 The Nightmares
One Free Ride FAC251 Nov 25 One Free Ride
Krief FAC251 Nov 25 Krief
The Circus Villains FAC251 Nov 25 The Circus Villains
Mark Morriss FAC251 Dec 01 Mark Morriss
Steve Thorpe FAC251 Dec 10 Steve Thorpe
Terry Pointon FAC251 Dec 10 Terry Pointon
Dirty Thrills FAC251 Dec 15 Dirty Thrills
Blue Nation FAC251 Dec 15 Blue Nation
Renegade Twelve FAC251 Dec 15 Renegade Twelve
Sittin' Pretty FAC251 Dec 15 Sittin' Pretty
Youth Club FAC251 Dec 16 Youth Club
Austinn FAC251 Dec 16 Austinn
Killjoys FAC251 Dec 16 Killjoys
The Zangwills FAC251 Dec 16 The Zangwills
Ashestoangels FAC251 Dec 22 Ashestoangels
Definitely Oasis FAC251 Dec 30 Definitely Oasis
Barbagallo FAC251 Feb 13, 2018 Barbagallo
Speak Brother FAC251 Feb 13, 2018 Speak Brother
Happy Mondaze FAC251 Mar 10, 2018 Happy Mondaze
The Ultimate Stone Roses FAC251 Mar 10, 2018 The Ultimate Stone Roses
Henry Gallagher FAC251 Apr 04, 2018 Henry Gallagher
Henry Gallagher FAC251 Apr 14, 2018 Henry Gallagher