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The Host Country Gas Lamp Sep 22 The Host Country, Crystal City, The Host Country and 1 more...
Eric Mayson Gas Lamp Sep 27 Eric Mayson, Paige Harpin Group, Eric Mayson and 1 more...
Tristen Gas Lamp Oct 04 Tristen
The Missing Letters Gas Lamp Oct 07 The Missing Letters, Johnny Yuma, The Native
The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash Gas Lamp Oct 14 The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash, Randy Burk and the Prisoners, Ryan Doughty Music
Agent Orange Gas Lamp Oct 15 Agent Orange
Flatfoot 56 Gas Lamp Oct 15 Flatfoot 56
Dan Tedesco Gas Lamp Oct 28 Dan Tedesco
Beth Bombara Gas Lamp Oct 28 Beth Bombara
Jake La Botz Gas Lamp Nov 04 Jake La Botz, Low Cut Connie
Katy Guillen and The Girls Gas Lamp Dec 08 Katy Guillen and The Girls