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Date Lineup
Microkingdom Kings Oct 22 Microkingdom
Cantwell Kings Oct 22 Cantwell
Jordan Kings Oct 22 Jordan
Westerlund Kings Oct 23 Westerlund
Toll Kings Oct 23 Toll
Las Rosas Kings Oct 25 Las Rosas
Screening Kings Oct 26 Screening
Hailu Mergia Kings Oct 27 Hailu Mergia
Dim Delights Kings Oct 29 Dim Delights
Screening Kings Nov 04 Screening
The Hot Kings Nov 05 The Hot
Girlpool Kings Nov 06 Girlpool
Palm Kings Nov 06 Palm
Winstons Kings Nov 08 Winstons
Screening Kings Nov 09 Screening
Lydia Lunch Retrovirus Kings Nov 12 Lydia Lunch Retrovirus
Omni Kings Nov 17 Omni
Omni Kings Nov 18 Omni
Harpooner Kings Nov 18 Harpooner
Diali Cissokho Kings Nov 24 Diali Cissokho
Kaira Ba Kings Nov 24 Kaira Ba
Violet Bell Kings Nov 24 Violet Bell
Love Language Kings Nov 25 Love Language
Moon Racer Kings Nov 25 Moon Racer
Real Dad Kings Nov 25 Real Dad
Loi Loi Kings Nov 26 Loi Loi
Electric Grandmother Kings Nov 26 Electric Grandmother
Sammi Lanzetta Kings Dec 01 Sammi Lanzetta
Naked Naps Kings Dec 02 Naked Naps
Pullover Kings Dec 02 Pullover
DJ Earl Kings Dec 06 DJ Earl
Nick Hook Kings Dec 06 Nick Hook
Kooley High Kings Dec 09 Kooley High
Found Footage Festival Kings Dec 14 Found Footage Festival