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Slaughter Harpo's Sep 23 Slaughter
Brotha Lynch Hung Harpo's Sep 29 Brotha Lynch Hung
State of Emergency Runway Show Harpo's Oct 07 State of Emergency Runway Show
ZP Theart (Official) Harpo's Nov 03 ZP Theart (Official), Skid Row
Kix Harpo's Nov 04 Kix
Every Mothers Nightmare Harpo's Nov 04 Every Mothers Nightmare
Belphegor Harpo's Dec 04 Belphegor
Cryptopsy Harpo's Dec 04 Cryptopsy
Hate Harpo's Dec 04 Hate
Flotsam and Jetsam  Harpo's Jun 03, 2018 Flotsam and Jetsam , HammerFall
HammerFall Harpo's Jun 03, 2018 HammerFall