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No Bird Ever Flew Caffe Sole Sep 29 No Bird Ever Flew
Erik Deutsch Music Caffe Sole Oct 06 Erik Deutsch Music, Erik Deutsch Band Featuring Ron Miles and Friends
Erik Deutsch Band Caffe Sole Oct 06 Erik Deutsch Band
Victoria Reed Caffe Sole Oct 06 Victoria Reed
Boulder Brazilian Band Caffe Sole Oct 07 Boulder Brazilian Band
Espresso! Caffe Sole Oct 13 Espresso!
Carmen Sandim Quartet Caffe Sole Oct 14 Carmen Sandim Quartet
JG Caffe Sole Oct 20 JG
After Midnight Jazz Band Caffe Sole Oct 21 After Midnight Jazz Band
Sherefe Caffe Sole Oct 27 Sherefe
The Mighty Twisters Caffe Sole Oct 28 The Mighty Twisters
Alex Heffron Music Caffe Sole Nov 18 Alex Heffron Music, Alex Heffron, guitar, Daryl Gott, Alto and 2 more...