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Date Lineup
Jazz Under the Stairs Milkboy Aug 22 Jazz Under the Stairs
Alyssa Joseph Milkboy Aug 24 Alyssa Joseph, The Dead Flowers, Andorra
The Deadflowers Milkboy Aug 24 The Deadflowers
Andorra Milkboy Aug 24 Andorra
In-Different Sounds Milkboy Aug 24 In-Different Sounds
The Dead Flowers Milkboy Aug 24 The Dead Flowers
Travel Lanes Milkboy Aug 25 Travel Lanes
the Peace Creeps Milkboy Aug 25 the Peace Creeps
Jazz Under the Stairs Milkboy Aug 29 Jazz Under the Stairs
Ivy Sole Milkboy Aug 30 Ivy Sole
Aphra  Milkboy Aug 30 Aphra
Cheeky Milkboy Aug 30 Cheeky
Saul Zonana Milkboy Sep 01 Saul Zonana
Dave Bakey Milkboy Sep 01 Dave Bakey Milkboy Sep 01
Nicky P & Milkboy Sep 02 Nicky P &
Doug Wartman Milkboy Sep 02 Doug Wartman
Jazz Under the Stairs Milkboy Sep 05 Jazz Under the Stairs
Bumpin Uglies Milkboy Sep 07 Bumpin Uglies, Tropidelic
Tropidelic Milkboy Sep 07 Tropidelic
Big Mind Milkboy Sep 07 Big Mind
Brian Newman Milkboy Sep 10 Brian Newman
Beverly Milkboy Sep 11 Beverly
EZTV Milkboy Sep 11 EZTV
Brian Newman Milkboy Sep 11 Brian Newman
Jazz Under the Stairs Milkboy Sep 12 Jazz Under the Stairs
Ryan Sheridan & Ronan Nolan Milkboy Sep 14 Ryan Sheridan & Ronan Nolan
The Heavy Pets Milkboy Sep 15 The Heavy Pets
Montoj Milkboy Sep 15 Montoj
MOUNT HOLLY Milkboy Sep 16 MOUNT HOLLY, Paul Keen
Paul Keen Milkboy Sep 16 Paul Keen
Jazz Under the Stairs Milkboy Sep 19 Jazz Under the Stairs
Alexz Johnson Milkboy Sep 20 Alexz Johnson, Alexz Johnson, Dress Black
Dress Black Milkboy Sep 20 Dress Black
Paul Cauthen Milkboy Sep 21 Paul Cauthen, Kelsey Waldon
Kelsey Waldon Milkboy Sep 21 Kelsey Waldon
Little Stranger Milkboy Sep 22 Little Stranger
Soraia Milkboy Sep 23 Soraia
Wanted Man Milkboy Sep 23 Wanted Man
Joey DiTullio Band Milkboy Sep 23 Joey DiTullio Band
Todd Kerns Milkboy Sep 24 Todd Kerns
Geoff Grayson Milkboy Sep 24 Geoff Grayson
The York Street Hustle Milkboy Sep 25 The York Street Hustle
Jazz Under the Stairs Milkboy Sep 26 Jazz Under the Stairs
Dirty Dollhouse Milkboy Sep 27 Dirty Dollhouse
Joshua Chase Miller Milkboy Sep 27 Joshua Chase Miller
Midnight North Milkboy Sep 28 Midnight North
Grahame Lesh Milkboy Sep 28 Grahame Lesh
The Brevet Milkboy Sep 28 The Brevet
Electric Six Milkboy Sep 29 Electric Six
The Phryg Milkboy Sep 29 The Phryg
GROVES Milkboy Sep 29 GROVES
Luke Preston Milkboy Sep 30 Luke Preston, Tony Lucca, Derik Hultquist
Derik Hultquist Milkboy Sep 30 Derik Hultquist
Tony Lucca Milkboy Sep 30 Tony Lucca, Derik Hultquist
Matt Santry Milkboy Sep 30 Matt Santry
The Dull Blue Lights Milkboy Oct 05 The Dull Blue Lights
Greyhounds Milkboy Oct 07 Greyhounds, Nick Schnebelen Band
Nick Schnebelen Band Milkboy Oct 07 Nick Schnebelen Band
Thee Commons Milkboy Oct 12 Thee Commons
Andy Frasco Milkboy Oct 13 Andy Frasco
The U.N. Milkboy Oct 13 The U.N.
Nik Greeley Milkboy Oct 13 Nik Greeley
Fade Awaays Milkboy Oct 13 Fade Awaays
David Hoagie and His Heroes Milkboy Oct 13 David Hoagie and His Heroes
Andrew Belle Milkboy Oct 14 Andrew Belle
Praytell Milkboy Oct 14 Praytell
MC Lars Milkboy Oct 15 MC Lars, MC Frontalot, Mega Ran and 1 more...
MC Frontalot Milkboy Oct 15 MC Frontalot
Shaffer The Darklord Milkboy Oct 15 Shaffer The Darklord
Schaffer the Darklord Milkboy Oct 15 Schaffer the Darklord
Mega Ran Milkboy Oct 15 Mega Ran, MC Lars
Dan Luke and The Raid Milkboy Oct 18 Dan Luke and The Raid
Electric Love Machine Milkboy Oct 19 Electric Love Machine
A Wilhelm Scream Milkboy Oct 21 A Wilhelm Scream, Such Gold, After the Fall and 1 more...
After the Fall Milkboy Oct 21 After the Fall
We Were Sharks Milkboy Oct 21 We Were Sharks
Such Gold Milkboy Oct 21 Such Gold, A Wilhelm Scream
Colter Wall Milkboy Oct 24 Colter Wall
The Funky Knuckles Milkboy Oct 27 The Funky Knuckles
Screaming Headless Torsos Milkboy Oct 27 Screaming Headless Torsos
Craig Finn Milkboy Oct 28 Craig Finn
John K Sampson Milkboy Oct 28 John K Sampson
Peelander-Z Milkboy Oct 31 Peelander-Z
Humming House Milkboy Nov 05 Humming House, Becca Mancari
Becca Mancari Milkboy Nov 05 Becca Mancari
Orgone Milkboy Nov 09 Orgone
$wingin' Utter$ Milkboy Nov 10 $wingin' Utter$
Darius Koski Milkboy Nov 10 Darius Koski
The Coronas Milkboy Nov 11 The Coronas
P.O.S. Milkboy Nov 16 P.O.S., Metasota, Transit22 and 1 more...
Metasota Milkboy Nov 16 Metasota
Transit22 Milkboy Nov 16 Transit22
LTC Milkboy Nov 16 LTC
Walt Lafty Milkboy Nov 17 Walt Lafty
Judah Kim Milkboy Nov 17 Judah Kim
The Assassination Milkboy Nov 17 The Assassination
The Funky T Milkboy Nov 17 The Funky T
The Lighthouse and the Whaler Milkboy Nov 21 The Lighthouse and the Whaler
McLovins Milkboy Nov 22 McLovins
The Clock Reads Milkboy Nov 22 The Clock Reads
John Craigie Milkboy Nov 30 John Craigie
Boat House Row Milkboy Dec 16 Boat House Row
Boat House Row Band Milkboy Dec 16 Boat House Row Band