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Date Venue Location
Sep 18 Chester, PA

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Date Venue Location
Jul 24 Shakopee, MN
Jul 26 Milwaukee, WI
Jul 27 Maryland Heights, MO
Jul 28 Bonner Springs, KS
Jul 30 Salt Lake City, UT
Jul 31 Denver, CO
Aug 01 Albuquerque, NM
Aug 04 Phoenix, AZ
Aug 05 San Diego, CA
Aug 06 Mountain View, CA
Aug 07 Pomona, CA
Aug 09 Las Vegas, NV
Aug 11 Nampa, ID
Aug 12 Auburn, WA
Aug 13 Portland, OR
Aug 17 Maribor, Slovenia
Aug 18 Graz, Austria
Aug 19 Sinbronn, Germany
Aug 20 Dessau, Germany
Aug 21 Wiesbaden, Germany
Aug 22 Lindau, Germany
Aug 23 Milan, Italy
Aug 24 Colmar, France
Sep 18 Chester, PA
Sep 24 Houston, TX
Sep 25 Houston, TX

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