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Date Venue Location
May 19 Sayreville, NJ
May 20 Camden, NJ

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Date Venue Location
Mar 07 Curitiba, Brazil
Mar 09 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Mar 10 Sao Paulo, Brazil
Mar 11 Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Mar 14 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mar 16 Santiago, Chile
Mar 18 Mexico City, Mexico
Apr 25 Boston, MA
Apr 26 Washington, DC
Apr 27 Richmond, VA
Apr 29 Jacksonville, FL
Apr 30 Fort Myers, FL
May 02 Mobile, AL
May 03 Atlanta, GA
May 05 Virginia Beach, VA
May 06 Kannapolis, NC
May 07 Chattanooga, TN
May 10 Indianapolis, IN
May 11 Saint Louis, MO
May 12 Council Bluffs, IA
May 13 Somerset, WI
May 16 Peoria, IL
May 17 Detroit, MI
May 19 Sayreville, NJ
May 20 Camden, NJ
May 21 Columbus, OH
May 24 Wichita, KS
May 26 Pryor, OK
May 27 San Antonio, TX
Jul 13 Oshkosh, WI
Aug 09 Budapest, Hungary
Aug 15 St Poelten, Austria
Aug 19 Kiewit Hasselt, Belgium
Aug 26 Reading, United Kingdom
Aug 27 Leeds, United Kingdom

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