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Mysticism Black

started tracking Mysticism Black, Blodarv, Black Balrog [OFFICIAL], Hrizg

09:33 AM October 03, 2014

Opera Magna

started tracking Opera Magna, Anaal Nathrakh, Devin Townsend

09:15 AM September 26, 2014

Bethlehem Official

started tracking Bethlehem Official, Cynic

09:31 AM September 19, 2014

Agnete Kjølsrud

started tracking Agnete Kjølsrud, God Seed

08:55 AM October 11, 2013

The Vatican

started tracking The Vatican

08:57 AM September 13, 2013


started tracking Nachtgarm, Crush Your Enemies, Feral Depravity, Tyrants Blood, Negator, Chemical Castration

Facebook09:09 PM September 03, 2013


started tracking Xingaia

08:38 AM May 24, 2013

Cattle Decapitation

started tracking Cattle Decapitation

08:23 AM February 08, 2013

Bloodhunger Moonbarkers

started tracking Bloodhunger Moonbarkers

08:32 AM February 01, 2013

Sein Und Zeit

started tracking Sein Und Zeit

08:09 AM January 11, 2013

Northwestern Black Circle Festival

started tracking Northwestern Black Circle Festival

08:03 AM January 04, 2013


started tracking Theories, Trisha's Metal Page

08:01 AM November 16, 2012

Crow Black Sky

started tracking Crow Black Sky

07:59 AM November 02, 2012


started tracking VOICE OF RUIN

07:52 AM October 19, 2012


started tracking Enslaved

Facebook02:31 PM October 14, 2012


started tracking Tormentium, Sangre de Muerdago, Addaura

08:07 AM October 05, 2012

Order of Ennead

started tracking Order of Ennead

Facebook11:56 AM October 01, 2012

Plague Widow

started tracking Plague Widow, Mosquito Hawk, Demon Dogs

08:09 AM September 28, 2012

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