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Thu July 18, 2013 - 7:00 PM

Denver, CO, 2013

withCults,Mudhoney,Twin Peaks,The Fresh And Onlys,Brothertiger,Speedwolf,SHEL,Freedy Johnston,WUKI,The Epilogues,Call of The Void,Baywood,Dressy Bessy,Flashlights,The Photo Atlas,Esme Patterson,In The Whale,SWIMM,Bop Skizzum,Buildings,Anchorage,Roniit,Jaden Carlson Band,REAL MAGIC,Lust,The Yawpers,Ark Life,Hollow Wood,Shatterproof,Confluence,Rob Drabkin,Snake Rattle Rattle Snake,Reina Del Cid,Carter,War Poets,The Ruckus,Places,Wheelchair Sports Camp,Munly & The Lupercalians,S U R V I V E,Megan Burtt,Eldren,Land Lines,the Blind Pets,Thee Dang Dangs,Black Sleep of Kali,SAWMILL JOE,Mancub,Rubedo,Sauna,The Knew,Need & Necessity,Ian Cooke,Trichome,Musketeer Gripweed,Princess Music,Dan Tedesco,The Foot,Birds of a Feather,A Shoreline Dream,Something Underground,the Dendrites,VS,Rachel and the Kings,Allout Helter,Flashbulb Fires,Casey James Prestwood and the Burning Angels,Take To the Oars,Chimney Choir,Post Paradise,CHEMISTRY CLUB,RUMTUM,The Raven and the Writing Desk,Common Anomaly,Katey Laurel,Patrick Dethlefs,Dirty Few,Mosey West,Born in the Flood,Red Fox Run,Monroe Monroe,Il Cattivo,Sarah and The Meanies,The Southern Renaissance,SF1,Imprintafter,Covenhoven,Instant Empire,The Repercussions,Men In Burka,Battlespawn,Hi-Strung,Hot Apostles,Total Ghost,Catch Lungs,John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light,Hearts in Space,Bo and the Locomotive,Beams,Real Cosby,The Pirate Signal,Kyle James Hauser,Pan Astral,School Knights,Fox and the Bird,Boldtype,SCIENCE PARTNER,The Morning Clouds,Red Stinger,The Changing Colors,Achille Lauro,Hindershot,Wire Faces,The Blue Rider,Izcalli,Two Tone Wolf Pack,Fingers Of The Sun,The Hollyfelds,Strange Kids,catholic girls,HOLLAGRAMZ,Sun Blood Stories,Amanda Hawkins,Jen Korte & The Loss,We Are Not a Glum Lot,Ivory Circle,D├ęCollage,The Hate,Spirit Is The Spirit,Grandma Kelsey,Foxfield Four,Accordion Crimes,Anthony Ruptak,Party Hard,Altas,La Luna's,Somerset,Zebroids,Reverend Red,Abandin Pictures,Echo Beds,Boyhollow,Rossonian,Joshua Novak,Frugal Father,Jessica Sonner,a Mouthful of Thunder,WHITECATPINK,Indigenous Robot,DEAF KID,El Toro de la Muerte,Cceruleann,the Loneliest Monk,Pink Hawks,Broken Spirits,Fiction Is Fun,Vitamins,MAGIC CYCLOPS,Gora Gora Orkestar,AdrienneO,Bear Antler,Jillian Grutta,Emerald Siam,Clouds & Mountains,The whicker and pine,Prime Element,Spencer Foreman,CacheFlowe,Faceman,Porlolo,DREAMGHOST,Tomahawk Fox,Minor Note Orchestra,Safe Boating is No Accident,Dudebabes,The Maykit,Holly Lovell,Wonderlic,Cop Circles,Natalie Tate,The Omens,Talk All Night,I SANK MOLLY BROWN,We Like Monsters,CRL CRRLL,Dualistics,Violent Summer,Treehouse Sanctum,Weather Maps,The Baltic,Lawsuit Models,Paradise Ducks,Dead Orchids,Amputators,Reviving Cecilia,The Constant Tourists,Brim Liski,New Ben Franklins,The Greys of Gold,Black Amex,Pretty Girl,Codename,Pythian Whispers,The Skeleton Show,Fluorescent Phobia,Gun Street Ghost,Pacific Pride,The Sound Collapse,I'm,Wandering Natives,Bad Luck City,Pale Sun,Elin Palmer,Blood Lines,Oliver Bravado,Neptune's Only Daughter,Water Babys,PAER,Shining Wires,DJ Savior Breath,Better than Bacon,4H Royalty,DJ Shannon von Kelly,Hollow Talk,Hooper,Dj Alf,The Reckless Nights,Manzoon,Sputnik Slovenia,the Lollygags,Eolian,Ross Etherton and the Chariots of Judah,Matt Hoffman,Miss America by Wheary,Jon Boland,the Big Get Even,Palace Fires,Bronco Country,Laurelin Kruse,The Seven Hats,Floodplains,Doubters,Caleb Slade,Paw Paw,Lightlooms,Rowboat,Thanks to Philo,Not The Arrow,The Sound Junkies,Genetic Engines,Vox De Ville,Assuage,M00NS,Maudlin Magpie,Nuskool,Ashen Embers,Max Klaw,The Vicious Women,Buffalo Rebellion,The Ghost-Towners,Fly4wird,Jux County,Thanks for everything,dust:orbiter,Rachael Pollard,Toddy Ivy,Big J. Beats,The Belle Jar,Yo Soy Sauce,New Jazz Order,A Tom Collins,Sour Boy Bitter Girl,Vega Evaga,Floorfreakers,DJ Cavem Moetavation,Pete Stein,Jeffrey Wentworth Stevens,Stephanie Dorman,Rainbowhead,Ryan Chrys

The UMS Box Office

21 S Broadway St

Denver, CO

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