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Texoma | The Outboards | Dragmatic
Saturday, March 10th, 2018
8:30 PM
Live Rock and Roll is music is alive and well in Chapel Hill.

Spencer Griffith from INDY Week on Texoma: "[The Prospect] is loaded with lasting hooks and a dynamic range wider than its self-described genre of "dust rock" might suggest. Much of The Prospect shares a feeling of vintage power pop, at times redolent of Chapel Hill's defunct Drughorse Collective."

Corbie Hill from INDY Week on The Outboards: "The Outboards split the difference between understated pub-rock and late '70s guitar rock, while hints of German and Southern psychedelics suggest genre fluidity. They're like the Wilco of Circle City."

David Menconi from the Raleigh N&O on Dragmatic: "Leave it to Ryan Kennemur, possibly the most self-effacing rock-band frontman in this or any other town, to name his band Dragmatic’s new album “At Least We’re Not Dead Yet” – even when he’s trying to be glass-half-full about things, optimism just seems like an easy way out for someone as modest as him. But Dragmatic wears that underdog status well on “Not Dead Yet,” a sharp collection of raw, twangy pop-rock that should be in the strike zone for anyone who fondly remembers the Replacements."

Saturday March 10th | 8:30 PM | $8