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Tuesday, March 6th, 2018
8:30 PM
TINY FIREFLIESLIVING HOURTHE CURLS----------TINY FIREFLIES began as a collaboration that did not have any intentions of being a band. Chicago musicians Lisle and Kristine (whose solo projects are Fireflies and Tiny Microphone respectively) were asked to appear on "Between two Waves," a compilation series driven by the concept of two musicians joining forces to create a song together, for netlabel Eardrums Pop.The duo played their debut show in May 2011 at the 5th Annual New York City Popfest. They have since played in England, Spain, and around the Midwest (opening for Memoryhouse) in support of their follow-up EP "Change," which was released by Spanish label Little Treasure in August 2011. (It sold out in less than two weeks.) Cloudberry Records released their follow up single, "Picture Perfect" in Mach, 2012.The band's debut full length, "The Space Between," was released in November, 2015. Produced by Ian Catt (Saint Etienne, Trembling Blue Stars), it has been described as "some of the best retro synth pop around in 2015" by AllMusic, and "a delicate bit of gossamer synth-punk that floats like cloves smoke out an apartment window" by CMJ.Sink into the drowsy guitars and blissful, washed-out textures of Winnipeg’s LIVING HOUR. The band made up of dream-pop revivalists’ atmospheric and pillowy melodies are colored by psychedelic accents and the enthralling coos of vocalist Sam Sarty. Brushed-Snare Beats, droning reverberations, and wobbly romanticism conjure up a tranquil and exploratory state of mind. The band's debut album was released in February 2016.THE CURLS are a constantly evolving experimental rock group incorporating elements of pop, folk, jazz and level 7 interpretive choogling. This 5-piece has played The Bottle stage a couple two-tree times before, but it's been a minute and we're stoked to hear what kind of wild and sporadic sounds they're cooking up this time around.