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Sunday, March 4th, 2018
9:00 PM

Heralds of The Great Cosmic Doom, Without Light have seen the final horror beyond time and preach their apocalyptic gospel through grinding guitar and pounding grooves.


Mariner comes from the heart of Saint Louis. They blend post rock, indie, and post hardcore into a symphony of layered chord structures and feeling. The intricate drums drive underneath the dynamic vocals to produce a sound that is not easily pinned down. They are touring to support the release of their upcoming EP, which is set to be released on Feb 6th, 2017.


Barren Plains is a four piece instrumental band from Chicago, Illinois. After the break up of their previous band Gunner's Daughter, Chris Behm (guitar) and Christopher Ramos (bass) decided to move in a different sonic direction. With the addition of Curtis Schreiber on drums and Christopher Kozubowski on guitar, Barren Plains creates an intricate musical landscape through a post metal filter while still clinging to a punk rock ethos.


Only The Bones (members of Snow Burial/The Swan King) is a Chicago trio melding angular punk rock with atmospheric soundscapes to create their own musical world with sounds absorbed from Fugazi/Refused/Drive like Jehu and sights painted by Kubrick/Lynch/Carpenter. Their debut album, Death and His Brother Sleep is out now.