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Friday, March 16th, 2018
9:00 PM
10 RSVPs
-- "The music of Black Bone Exorcism is an experiment in connecting with the mystery, the darkness, and the deep rooted connection between man, nature, and the unknown…something lost in this modern world. With elements of dark paganism and the reflections on the collapse of our modern culture through imagery and intense sound, this Brotherhood is an attempt to provide the bridge to an alternative path to the dark unknown. It is for those who wander and seek more than the world as we see it through modern eyes..."

-- "Onstage energy is not a problem for locals Holy Grove. Vocalist Andrea Vidal grabs the microphone and steals the crowd’s collective heart with her enthusiasm and total commitment to the moment. With rich, deep tones oozing off the stage and hair flying, the band flays the crowd wide open, exposing their riff-rock-loving guts. Songs like “Huntress” and “Hanged Man” are terrific examples of Holy Grove’s sound, which is a stew of riffs and rhythms that would fit well on a shelf next to some old Man’s Ruin label releases. Vidal seems born to rouse the crowd, and her vocals are belted out in the same fashion, while bassist Gregg and guitarist Trent splash sweat, wah, and fuzz all over the audience. Holy Grove end their set with “Nix”, leaving the growing crowd cheering."
-Invisible Oranges-"