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Tuesday, May 15th, 2018
8:00 AM
Born in Moscow, raised in Tel Aviv and currently based in Berlin, Mary Ocher has become over the last five years a rather prominent character in the European queer music world thanks to her quirky voice, unsettling lyrics and slightly out-of-this-world live performances. She has been persistently creating passionate, uncompromising work, raw, thought provoking, socially and creatively pushing against the current, dealing with subjects of authority, identity and conflict. Her work is as enchanting as it is polarising, ranging from traditional folk to raw 60s garage, ambient with ethereal vocals and abstract synths, to experimental pop with African and South American rhythms. Over a sprawling series of releases she has worked with a range of musicians including Die Tödliche Doris, Felix Kubin and Faust's Hans Joachim Irmler to create an enviable catalogue of mystic electronics, multifarious vocalising, and kaleidoscopic hooks.

Haunted, complex, newly-emerged electronic pop duo marrying chanson melodies to melting synthesisers and contemporary clicks and glitches.

The RZA of Romsey. The Duke of Buchla. The man with the maxxed-out H Gee credit account.