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Saturday, April 28th, 2018
7:30 PM
The Ten Sopranos Featuring Internationally Renowned Soprano Penny Pavlakis

Possibly the most powerful all female group in Australia, The Ten Sopranos combines classical and contemporary singing providing a musical feast to whet the appetite of true music fans of all ages. Performing all time favorites in a way which has seen audiences so moved by the performances that some have left theatres in tears, others left exhilarated, and others just loiter around the venue to savour the moment, a little longer.

The group is led by the Internationally Renowned Soprano Penny Pavlakis, who is known to her peers as “the singer’s singer”.

She brings to the stage star quality few can match.  The late Maestro Tommy Tycho said: "Pavlakis has no serious competitor on the world stage, whether it’s classical or contemporary, she really is magnificent".