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Tucson Hip Hop Festival
Saturday, February 24th, 2018
12:00 PM
Everybody involved in the Tucson Hip Hop Festival (THHF) is passionate about Hip Hop and is community driven. Hip Hop, arts, and culture here in Tucson, Arizona is like none other, so we had to create a space where we could showcase it. We exist to represent the four pillars of Hip Hop culture. We want to emphasize that local talent is our main focus but vow to include a small number of high quality artists from out-of-town/state. From graffiti to deejaying, breakdancing to rapping - you'll find it here and you'll discover what Tucson has to offer. Stretching the four elements into panel talks, movie screenings, fundraising, beat production, local vendors, local food, and photography - outside the normal spectrum of audio/visual performance - we want to create an experience that is nothing short from dopeness!