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Sunday, February 18th, 2018
7:30 PM
An evening dedicated to the string section - three solo performers using their own preferred member of the violin family in combination with a selection of electronics in curious and delightful ways.

Brussels-based producer Otto Lindholm employs an array of loop pedals and electronic effects in partnership with his double bass to produce a range of rich and voluptuous tones, emotions, and elongated melodies. Utilising the full range of abundant frequencies the instrument is capable of produce, Lindholm weaves hypnotic drones with illuminating harmonics that process out of step with each other, creating a tensely evolving atmosphere that demands engagement until a final, drawn-out resolution.

Still relatively new to solo performances, violinist Rachel Watkins is no stranger to Cambridge audiences thanks to her place at the heart of folk-rock experimentalists Fuzzy Lights and sororal synthesisers Seeds & Bones. Left to her own devices, Watkins uses violin, voice, and analogue contraptions to conjure up hazy atmospheres that serve as a warm bedding for ghostly tunes that could have been plucked straight from the traditional canon.

Cellist has been Martin Elsey has been a, sadly, little-heralded contributor to underground sounds in Cambridge over the past couple of years. A key member of the John Zorn-inspired Cobra improv sessions held right under the noses of a Cambridge college, his trio Skeleton Hand, with drummer Kamil Ziobro and guitarist C Joynes, were a star that burned fiercely but briefly. Expect his solo work to be equally as gnarly.