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IN SEARCH OF FUTURES PAST: Schoenberg the Emancipator
Saturday, February 10th, 2018
7:30 PM
This is the crux of the situation, and the reason Schoenberg is so vital: it’s the moment he exploded the rules of western musical tradition. This is the revolution of Picasso’s Guernica or T. S. Eliot’s overthrow of poetic verse with The Wasteland...and Spektral Quartet has the name of soprano Kiera Duffy glowing on the marquee. Ms. Duffy joins the quartet for the moment of true innovation: the emancipation of dissonance. When one thinks of Modernism, certain names instantly bubble to the surface–Wassily Kandinsky, Virginia Woolf, Frank Lloyd Wright, and of course Arnold Schoenberg–and the second quartet is first in line on the soundtrack. This is Rite of Spring big. This is Remembrance of Things Past big. Spektral Quartet will set the scene for this decisive moment in classical music with two dynamite composers : Anton Webern, one of Schoenberg’s most famed students, and Béla Bartók, who was busy shaking up the string quartet repertoire from a folk-centric approach, with his vanguard first quartet. This concert is sheer moxie, and you may find yourself whispering a line from the Schoenberg’s final movement on your way out the door: “I feel air from a distant planet...”