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Monday, January 15th, 2018
9:00 PM

Chris Ziegler

Tucson’s mighty Resonars—the unstoppable project of engineer/producer/singer/songwriter Matt Rendon—put out a greatest-hits comp a year or two ago, and you know what? This is one of the few garage rock outfits going that deserve it. For decades, Rendon has been sharpening a distinctive sound that adds punk power and sunshine-pop harmony to revved-up 60s-style guitar rock, and after 120+ songs (as tallied on The Complete Resonars cassette discography, which he also deserves!) he’s just shy of constant make-it-sound-easy perfection. Like Reigning Sound’s Greg Cartwright, he’s got soul, and like Guided By Voice’s Bob Pollard, he’s got rock ‘n’ roll all figured out. (GBVers, check “Lunar Kit,” and if you’re out there, Rain Parade-ers, check “If He’s So Great.”) Rendon may yet be destined for big things, but he’s already made a few truly great ones.