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Tuesday, February 6th, 2018
7:00 PM
Little India (Canada)

Little India is a band consisting of four friends whose success unfolded unexpectedly after coming together to play music just four years ago in Vancouver, Canada. Their worldly influence is heard through unique hooks and samples, and can be credited to the combination of their South African and Canadian heritages with a strong British influence. In their short yet explosive career, their sound has been described as nostalgic rock with 80’s pop influences. Jon Siddall (CBC Music) explains it as “The Cure meets Talking Heads.”

By implementing the perfect harmony of pop rock and electronic sampling, their ever-changing sound keeps listeners on their toes and allows for experimentation in the character of each song, all the while keeping you dancing.

Marius Bear (Switzerland)

Raw, unpolished and rocky she sounds, that deep male voice. Literally a bear of a man presents himself to us – the most powerful voice, that Switzerland ever had to offer. Marius’ voice reminds us of no one less than the world famous legend Joe Cocker.

With his charisma and the depth within his voice, Marius captivates his audience completely and gives it a whiff of his wild and soft soul. That catchy Soul Pop Rock goes deep under your skin, leaves you with goosebumps and is an absolute must for each music loving individual.