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Friday, January 19th, 2018
8:30 PM
On Friday, January 19th, The Little Grill Collective will be hosting a little show, welcoming Buffalo NY's rap/punk/funny underground guy JACK TOPHT to the stage for the first time. Local viewpoint from Hburg wordsmith Grayling Skyy. Beer, pancakes, nachos ETC available during the show. Come hang!!! JACK TOFT (Buffalo, NY) - Jack Topht wields his, hilarious, sobering, stream of americana commentary via minimal rap-rock fervor like a radical lazer pistol that can correct 9 zillion interconnected bad habits with one zap. - Abraham Lincoln Part rapper, part performance artist, part comedian/motivational speaker-Jack Topht mixes Bob Dylan, D. Boon and Kool Keith's lyrical attack styles to focus and bewilder listeners while ultimately making them feel less alone in this strange world. Like a cross between, Le Tigre, Jonathan Richman, Das Racist and Ween, Jack Toft creates a new free american rock and roll experience where listeners can smile freely in the warmth, unpretentiousness, and head noddability of this gentle practitioner of enthusiasm wrangling. Jack Toft (Kool Keith meets Crass) has put out 18 tapes in the last 7 years, doing shows with Ami Dang, Jamaican Queens, Jeffrey Lewis, B L A C K I E, Frank Hurricane, Wume and other underground heroes. Jack Toft has played on rad line-ups all over America and he always does a really great job even when totally awesome bands play with him! He did whartscape in 2010, he played sxswendys a bunch of times, He always makes people smile, wince, laugh, scream and cry. The crowd leaves the function feeling very satisfied. Grayling Skyy (Hburg) - FRIDAY, JANUARY 19th, 8:30 PM $5-10 // DOORS @ 8 PM // ALL AGES, 21+ FOR ALCOHOL CAB NUMBERS: Checkered 540-908-2838 Yellow 540-434-2515 ABC 540-438-7777 --------------------------------------------------------------------- The Little Grill Collective strives to be a safer space to enjoy live events. To facilitate this goal, no physical or verbal violence will be tolerated, and those exhibiting sexist, racist, homophobic, ableist, or otherwise hateful behavior will be asked to leave. Dancing/ jumping around/bizarre worship/different viewpoints are all tolerated and encouraged, so long as people's boundaries aren't being invaded unwantedly. ♥