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Sonic Alchemy Sound Healing Journey
Sunday, January 21st, 2018
6:00 PM
Doors 5:30 Event 6:00-8:00pm Parking is limited at the studio. When it is full, park on the street or lot above. Bring any blankets, pillows, and mats to be fully comfortable laying down. Venue has soft floors and some yoga blankets and bolsters for your use. About: Experience the ancient healing art of sound and vibrational therapy. Brazilian World Soul artist, Poranguí masterfully weaves ancestral songs & indigenous rhythms from around the world as a one-man orchestra. Immerse yourself in sacred sounds that transcend cultural and stylistic boundaries to deeply heal & integrate the mind, body and soul. Surrender your thoughts and drop into your heart, as you relax and receive these meditative sounds and sacred ancestral songs in full sensory immersion. Journey through deep, earthy didgeridoo grooves into breathtaking indigenous medicine songs, and return to still point with blissful African kalimba lullabies. Allow the notes to call your cells into natural resonance and full alignment, and emerge feeling a deep sense of nourishment and rejuvenation from the inside out. Your email confirmation will act as your ticket. We will also have a list of names at the door.