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SongSmith @Mr Wolf's ft Faolan Alley / Purdue and Bec / Rosina
Monday, January 15th, 2018
8:00 PM
Rosina: Rosina is a Singer-songwriter and musician originally from Wiltshire, England. Travelling and performing in many touristic places is a way Rosina likes to introduce herself and present her music to new people wherever possible, encouraging new ideas and influences for her work. Inspired by many relatable topics of love, relationships, and life, Rosina promotes her creative, quirky and passionate lyrics and experiments with developing new musical styles to represent her own 'Rosina' sound. Genres include synth pop/ dance/ Acoustic. Her latest EP 'Eternal Summer' was released September 2017. Let your mind run free,do what you love then don't look back... Facebook @rosinamusic Contact Website Instagram: rosinamusic Faolan Alley: In his own words. ‘Bristolian Acoustic singer-songwriter. I'm in it for the blunts, bitches and bling. Please don't tell my mum I said that. 27 year old singer/songwriter; I was born, raised and dragged up proper in Bristol (though I lack the accent) One might say that I was an educated, civilised, well-bred and thoughtful man. One would be unequivocally wrong. I write and play music about me whilst trying to imitate "far more better men" vocally and falling flat (pun intended). Please come and join me in a world of pure exaggeration. I'm better than Jesus, Cheeses and many other things, such as a fork in the eye or a spoon in the heart, but no better than the man others believe me to be. That being said, playing make me happy, if others enjoy it as well that's just swell. Yours by forfeit, desire or design, Faolan Alley’ Purdue and Bec: a folk / rock / country sound, playing with a full band, adding sax, bass and drums. Will Purdue is a singer - songwriter infuenced by all the great sad young men, such as Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young. His music is an introspective throwback to the 1960’s, with the lyrics and melodies taking centre stage. His songs are mostly autobiographical, with his voice varying between a rasping baritone, to a more urgent higher range, where you feel the dynamic shift. His work is a catalogue of broken relationships, affairs and thoughtful retrospect, and he comfortably tackles difficult themes, to try and create something that people can relate to and really feel. He has recently been playing his live shows with his partner in crime, Liza Bec, who adds a truly unique combination of sultry harmonies, as well as playing both recorder and sax, giving their sound something very classic. Social Media Links FB: IG: @willpurdue Twitter: @williamjpurdue Liza ‘s expressive and unique voice and eclectic and inspiring performances will both engage and entrance you. As an accomplished singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist she performs in every conceivable musical style from rock to folk. Liza started playing the recorder and piano aged four and hasn’t stopped since! All that practice on long car journeys paid off when she achieved Grade 8 Distinction aged 12 and made her concerto debut the same year at Portsmouth Guildhall with the Band of the Royal Marines. It was probably the first time they’d accompanied Vivaldi played on the sopranino recorder. Along the way she picked up a few other instruments including the sax, flute, bassoon, violin and clarinet. She studied classical clarinet performance at Trinity College of Music with Fiona Cross, where she won the Hambleton Clarinet Prize. After graduating she performed with Opus IV Clarinet Quartet and the Clerihew Trio. Her life was transformed when she was diagnosed with a rare form of reflex epilepsy, triggered by playing certain patterns of notes. After several years without playing a note she has diversified into folk and rock music, performing with The Memory Band on recent album On The Chalk and currently with Bordello Rose at venues including Kensington Roof Gardens, O2 Academy Islington and the Underworld. Single Jealousy and their debut album are out now! Her first solo EP Where The Waves are Breaking came out in March 2016 and new EP Out of Control will be out on the 12th December 2016. She will be touring the UK with partner in crime Will Purdue in November and has also recently collaborated with electronic artist James Holden on his upcoming record, out in early 2017.