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Thursday, February 1st, 2018
8:00 PM
Independent Venue Week, now in its fifth year, is a nationwide celebration of the spirit of independence & culture of live music and venues.

We're super pleased to be a part of it and have put together a week long programme of bands the venue holds dear.

More info: follow #IVW18 or visit the website:


Avant-noise supergroup on The Leaf Label, with long-awaited debut album Whale City, recorded by Dan Carey, coming out in early 2018.

Warmduscher is:
Clams "Grief Bacon" Baker
Lightnin' Jack Everett
Dr Withers
Professor Carey

" I like Warmduscher but I would have loved them when I was younger. I like the fact that they're so fucking difficult. They're a really hard sell - to the extent they make Fat White Family look almost normal by comparison - but by the same token a lot of the people... especially the younger ones, they don't get it. It's just a racket to them. There's no wider culture of having these bands like Velvet Monkeys, or Pussy Galore or Bong Water, or (early) Skull Flower, or Pere Ubu or whatever. You know, really difficult guitar bands that makes nearly everyone go: "What the fuck is this shit? Turn it off!!" The trouble is: we live in the most conservative times culturally. Anyway, must crack on. Have a good one on Sunday." John Doran - The Quietus

**GOOD SAD HAPPY BAD** the new name of the band formerly known as Micachu & The Shapes


Purveyors of the LOUDEST dreamscapes.