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A Live Music Chanting and Kundalini Yoga Experience - Parallel Unisonness - The Embodiment of Infinity
Saturday, January 20th, 2018
2:00 PM
Join Naomi Charanpal and Ghansham Singh for an out-of-this-world chanting and Kundalini yoga experience. The year 2018, according to Tantric Numerology, is an 11 year, which means that it is a gateway year to self-mastery. Sound is a key element to self-mastery in that it is the vibration of the Soul that creates our reality. What you think and speak is what creates your experience of life. If you master your sound vibration, you master the Self. In this live music workshop, all levels are welcome to enjoy bathing in the sound bath and elevating our group consciousness together. We will engage in kriyas as originally taught by Kundalini master, Yogi Bhajan, to balance our hemispheres and align our Soul with the Infinite.