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Friday, February 23rd, 2018
8:00 PM
The exploration of self, through other. A journey into the projection of one's own world through the eyes of those who are nearest - sharing physical space, emotional trust and intimacy that comes with living in one another's pockets. How does the perception of others shape our reality? How much of our reality do we impose on those closest? A newly devised work taking four highly skilled, traditional circus artists through theatrical creative processes, Tibia treats the audience to a hilarious and thoughtful jaunt through the quirks and personal worlds of professional acrobats. Raw and unassuming, gravity defying skills are taken from the big top to the intimacy of the stage to expose the human behind the spectacle. Drawing on Viewpoints, Suzuki Actor Method, and a strong acrobatic skill base, Tibia is home-grown contemporary circus theatre sure to delight and thrill. Join these acrobats as they navigate the joy of success, the potential of failure and the passion of inspiration.