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IVW: Darko's Bonsai Mammoth Bonanza Anniversary Party
Saturday, February 3rd, 2018
2:00 PM
Soon it will be 3rd of FEB and that's the BONSAI MAMMOTH'S first birthday and to celebrate we have decided to host a shin dig! We have joined up with The Boileroom on Independent Venue Week and put together a ludicrous line up. As its the month of Advent and Adventure we are announcing a band each day, until we run out.....there's not 25 bands.....that would be awesome......but there's not, deal with it! **Fair Dos** Check out Hostile Company here: **PMX** No need to put on a Brave Face for this one... **DRONES** Will you take the Rorschach test? **Actionmen** All the way from Italy the legends are here. **The Affect Heuristic** Fresh out the Belgium choccy box. **Screech Bats** Do you believe? **??** **??** **??** Independent Venue Week Supported by the Surrey Arts Council £15 The Boileroom 13 Stoke Fields, Guildford GU1 4LS