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Friday, April 20th, 2018
8:00 PM
If you have been to a Dana Fuch concert then you know that this is an extraordinary experience. It has many of us, for she visited the industry in April 3 years ago and gave a brag of a concert. Dana Fuchs is the great soul voice from New York. With roots in Florida, where she sang gospel in the local church choir, Dana Fuchs has worked to be a bright talent in New York's rock and blues clubs. Her music is obviously in continuation of the great soul and blues tradition of Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin and Etta James. The voice lives up to the models and her self-written songs contain all the personality needed for them to become. Dana Fuchs has a very well-playing orchestra - and she herself is everything from a wheezing, energetic fury to a soft, sensitive angel on stage. She fires it so that the audience is blown outwards - and torn! - Because she has a voice that is the same caliber as Janis Joplins - and a feeling that touches us! Last time she "dropped the house" and blown us all the way - so we went home with retired hair - when she, like a singer with her band, provided swampy and noisy blues rock with deep deep roots in southern United States, while her hair-raising vocal and long curls swirled in the air. We can only say: Do not miss this!