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Saturday, February 3rd, 2018
6:00 PM
17+, under 17 allowed with parent.
The Artists:
The Casimir Effect was founded on a simple belief: That music can be both catchy AND artistic. The Casimir Effect boasts progressive song forms that include elements of rock, hip-hop, pop and jazz. Expect to hear unexpected turns, dramatic key changes, shifts in style and odd time signatures juxtaposed against pop melodies, rich harmonies, catchy beats and infectious choruses. The result is food for your brain as well as your ears, and will have you bobbing your head and singing along.

Intertwined within the depths of Rock N’ Roll, Pop, Folk, and Blues births a new band who strives to connect old souls with new souls. Binding humans together and uniting people of all levels of society is an aspiration of these four musicians. Writing, performing and recording their songs on a fresh bed of 60s-70s style rock n’ roll with an ever-evolving eagerness to experiment, to expand minds and hearts with sonic fusion.

Inspired by a wide array of musicians ranging from Robert Johnson to Ed Sheeran, Daniel Young has crafted an exceptional set of songs that speak directly to a generation of music fans disillusioned by the meaningless pop songs of the day, seeking something smarter, deeper, and more universally relatable. Though he is only 20, Daniel has already pushed himself to new places with his music. Starting out playing in small coffee shops he formed the band Terraplane. With Terraplane he worked his way from occasional minor gigs to a steady stream of shows and competitions. Due to demand Terraplane traveled to Oklahoma and recorded an album titled Shades of Love (2014). Now, stepping out as a solo artist for the first time, Daniel has taken all of the elements he learned while playing with Terraplane and created some of the most personal, reflective songs to hit a track in a while.