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Friday, May 25th, 2018
4:00 PM
HEATHENS ASSAULT FROM THE NORTH, COMING TO TAKE YOU DOWN! Ladies and gentleman we proudly present you the legends of Epic metal from Sweden HEAVY LOAD, for the first time ever in Greece and their second show since 1985! The amazing legacy of HEAVY LOAD will finally be celebrated live on stage. The Wahlquist brothers have yielded to their own passion due to the cravings of their fans - HEAVY LOAD returns to the stage after 33 years of absence. The band will perform bombastic shows with an epic and majestic stage production. In addition to that we are extremely happy to announce the Italian Vikings Doomsword as Friday headliners! Let’s Blow our last breath into the Horn! Up the hammers, a festival where all dreams comes true… Up the hammers festival XIII Athens, Greece 25+26 May 2018 Gagarin 205 HEAVY LOAD (SWE) (Second show since 1985) DOOMSWORD (I) SARACEN (UK) (First show in Greece!) NORTHWIND (GR) (exclusive Athens show) ATTIKA (USA) (First show in europe ever!) EMERALD (NL) CRYSTAL VIPER (PL) VULTURE (D) AGATUS (GR) (exclusive “The eternalist” show) TRAITORS GATE (UK) DEVIL IN DISGUISE(USA) (A tribute to Glacier feat. Mike Podrybau) SPEED QUEEN (B) NIGHT (SWE) +more bands! Limited Two day tickets 62 euro