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Queen Porter Stomp w/ Giffen @ The Gasoline Pony
Friday, February 9th, 2018
7:00 PM
Queen Porter Stomp use their dirty swamp magic to shirk those Prohibition blues – swinging skirts and scuffed shoes for hardwood and concrete dancefloors alike. This is jazz where swing is the key you play, Melody is your gypsy mistress, and signature is what you’re trying to avoid committing to paper until you have a shot of bootlegged whisky. They pack horns that scream straight into your soul, squeezed tight into a caravan they’ve taken up and down and through the smoke and mud of the festival circuit (like the Falls Festival), supporting the hardened and never weary (like Charles Bradley). With wistful, melodic charm and poetic lyricism, burgeoning nu-folk ensemble Giffen bring you their much anticipated debut album 'Hiding Places'. Since the band's formation in 2016 by seasoned singer/songwriter Marie Le Brun and long time musical partner, accordionist Luke Sweeting, Giffen have been winning the affections of folk and country music lovers alike with their nostalgic reflections of youth and family, enhanced by their lush instrumentation which includes rich Simon & Garfunkel-esque harmonies and multi-layered vocal textures, mandolin, double bass and beautifully placed percussion.