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Willy Tea Taylor, Tommy Alexander, Taylor Kingman, Bob Sumner
Tuesday, January 16th, 2018
7:00 PM
WILLY TEA TAYLOR “one of the most important American singer/songwriters of our time”. - No Depression TOMMY ALEXANDER “The downright truth about Alexander is that he is an expression of rebellion in a society that is trapped within institutional conformities and down-the-road retirement plans. Filled with an introspective and strikingly truthful style of songwriting, his music can be downright mind-bending -- especially for those of us who have grown used to Pandora's corporate jukebox and the cultural clichés that run with it.” - Huffington Post TAYLOR KINGMAN Of writing songs, Taylor says, “Each word is a world waiting to swallow me whole. I get drunk off the pitter patter poetry of lines that root me to the cold, unforgiving ground, all at once, drowning me in the violent beautiful futility of humanity, yet, also, set fire to my eyes, sending me swirling and whirling, floating blind and thoughtless through the maze of the mind. I want the words to explode bloody in all their truth, for better or worse. Vivid images dripping with feeling bursting like lightbulbs in the back of the head.” Enough said. Train thundering. Sparks raining down. BOB SUMNER (of The Sumner Brothers) "astounding new album...a natural development that could well drag other bands along in their wake, although none will be as unique or have the originality of this extraordinary band." - Americanrootsuk.