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Friday, December 15th, 2017
7:30 PM
Straight from the back streets of Gateshead, The Old Police House are coming.

We got KLEEVEX with awesome skwonk and smooth saxing courtesy of Will Edmondes and Faye Macalman. Fill ya boots.

WREST, solo Jamie Stuart unleashed in London. Last gig involved a pneumatic drill, bass amps and a police car watching the 'community art' before nicking kids on the rob. Priceless.

TRANS/HUMAN are long time collaborators Adam Denton and Luke Twyman. No strangers to noise or London. Do it.

SWARM FRONT comprise Mark Wardlaw, Mariam Rezaei, Adam Denton and Jamie Stuart: a quasi-amorphous collective of sonic and cultural dissidents and anti-creatives. Weaponising the banality of liberal institutions, they use text and sound to construct crude folk-magick hexes against the bastions of reasonable culture. Fresh from ripping TUSK Festival a new arse hole, we're coming to London Town.