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Ricky Rebel Live at Mau Mau London
Monday, December 18th, 2017
9:00 PM
Ricky Rebel Live at Mau Mau London. Some parts of London will never change, but rather remain time-capsules of a bygone era and gentle reminders of the way things once were. Such is Notting Hill’s Mau Mau, a bar that—more than any other on Portobello road—is a living relic of pre-gentrified West London. This old school multicultural melting pot is Bohemian to its core; a mellow, cosy home away from home for many musicians and artists. Resident cocktails have colourful names like ‘Your Mum’, and with a great selection of rums in stock and some encouragement from the floor, Mau Mau’s amenable bar can produce whatever your tastebuds desire. Most evenings will find Mau Mau alive with the sound of music,having had some amazing local and international talent grace the stage. Sunday afternoons are a chilled-out affair, where drinkers lounge on well-worn sofas and enjoy local talents jamming into the night. During the day it’s the perfect haven from the hubbub of Portobello Market, and one of West London’s most ‘real’ hang outs (no Notting Hill lovies in here). Mau Mau is, in fact, so retro that it only accepts payments in cash. So leave your plastic at home, put a few cocktails down, and feel the irie vibe.