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Friday, January 19th, 2018
7:30 PM
The Flaming Stars- Wonderful to have this pivotal London band back again -they provided us with many marvelous Dublin Castle gigs back in the day, and have had u swooning even more with the ones thye've played sincee their recent comeback. They just get better and better. John Peel favourites, their slinky garage punk tweaked rocknroll romantique hits a beautiful sweet spot somewhere between The Seeds and perhaps a Joe Meek wrangled Gallon Drunk, with tunes to die for and tood aplenty via the beautifully trashy keys of frontman, bon viveur and wordsmith Max Decharne...still, the swish Dirk Bogarde of Ye Trashe, the wrongful ravishes of time ain't touched him or his ace band. A guaranteed night of excellence...

The Delta Jacks- Excellence likewise located in these dudes. Rockabilly fuelled upbeat Americana a-la Sun Studios era Johnny Cash.. see also Hank Williams... all original tunes and great players too.

DJs We Got Killers- spinning exotica, rhythm n blues, soul and sass into big party bangers as 2am approacheth....