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Friday, December 8th, 2017
8:00 AM
Progressive indie rock bands Colin Phils and Houdan the Mystic have been hard at work to produce a 10 track split album. “Star Charts” will provide you with tracks from each band filled with mathematical oddities, complex song writing, and harmonies to tickle the ears. Joining us on this special night we welcome LYNCHBURG’s: epic indie rock trio Quick On My Feet, alt rock band Trouvère, and an ambient solo performance by Micah Dale Pick! The “Star Charts” album release show is coming to you at the Conbon's Garage on December 8th, in Lynchburg, VA! Time: 8pm Admission: $4 Colin Phils NEW VIDEO- American indie rock band formed in South Korea in 2013. The band self-released their first album, titled "Right at Home" in June 2014, and a single Best Foot Forward in December 2014. Their last album "e,r,som,sa.." was released in Hong Kong via Sweaty & Cramped on May 29th, 2016. The band then went on tour through out all the major cities in China on their “Big China Tour.” Their sound has been described as part math-rock, part indie-rock, with catchy hooks and harmonies throughout. Colin Phils has played throughout South Korea, China, Hong Kong, and the USA. Colin Phils is now based in Richmond, Virginia and has been performing as a 3 piece ensemble. The band offers complex instrumental music (guitar loops, synth lines, and intricate drumming) along with vocals filled with harmonies. Houdan the Mystic Bearded brothers bounce back: Still sputtering up dust straight out the crypt, these cacophonous cosmonauts continuously clammer, concerning coalescing creations of carefully crafted compositions. A bombastic but bumbling beat-maker , a bacchic bumpkin begetting Byzantine bass lines , and a pudgy pedal pusher persevere unto a musical dawn of a new era!!!! Back from a recent glamping trip, these smooth criminals are leaving their alien aunts farm to blast new sonic textures into the earthly realm, with the faithful ferocity of an earnest hound Like Arnold Palmer once said 'I'll be back' Don't call it a comeback. After 3000 years, a collection of friendships untold, now unfold. STAR CHARTS. Quick On My Feet A super duper trio of stellar dudes playing some stellar music! For fans of – American Football/ Chinese Football/ all sorts of football/ Celine Dion / and overall just really good indie rock/ and roll Trouvère Alternative/ indie rock band based out of Lynchburg, VA striving to make genuine music that connects the soul and ear. Micah Dale Pick Ambient/ electronic/ post rock/ Harpejji music/ P bone music/ other musical instruments that you don’t normally see at a rock show CONBON'S GARAGE 8pm $4 Music Math rock