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Saturday, January 27th, 2018
7:30 PM
Neither of these artists is a stranger to the club, Zoe having been an Open Night featured artist, and Tom being the archetypal musical tart, performing at Shammick Acoustic with both Gren Bartley and Gavin Davenport. This, however, is a new collaboration, formed in the making of Zoe's fifth album, 'Small Brown Birds'. Hailing originally from Philadelphia, Zoe has lived in several areas of the United States, taking up guitar, banjo and songwriting in her progress, moving to the north of England in 2006. She charms her audiences with powerful, story-driven songs, an engaging stage presence and a laid-back vocal style. Tom plays fiddle and mandolin, but is particularly known for the former, of which he is an absolute master. He has a unique, vibrant style full of exuberance, energy and wit, yet capable of expressing extraordinary emotional depth. According to Mike Harding, he is one of the best English fiddlers ever! Combine that accompanying ability with a brilliant, highly original songwriter who delivers her music with warmth, sincerity and a bit of a twinkle, and you have the recipe for a fantastic first concert of the year!