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Friday, December 22nd, 2017
6:00 PM
FEATURING: BUST OFF. (last show!) UnacceptableeeeeeeeeeeeeEeeeEEEE MIKE OF DOOM One a DCs finest hip hop powerhouses the Meezy Jesus himself ain't got time for no bullshit MISLED YOUTH DCs most misled fast hardcore boiz NO FUTURE NO WAY OUT DISSONANCE Put one of the best albums of this year and now they want to break up. We won't let them. And IIIIIIIIIEEEEIIIII GOT NOTHIN TO SAYY AT ALLLL SKUMBOYZ A Pabst dropped down a long flight of concrete stairs in punk form. We're all just Road Pizza to these FXBG skanks MORE TBA+ This is it yall................... time to get super stupid one more time with us. Also it's Raels 21st birthday so let's get even stupider for that. Venue TBA