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Shaun Ward Xperience
Dec 14th 2017 @ Christmas With The Wards (Lyceum Ballroom)
Baton Rouge, LA
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Christmas With The Ward's
Thursday, December 14th, 2017
7:00 PM
TWO OF LOUISIANA'S BELOVED VIOLINIST...FATHER-SON DUO, MICHAEL WARD & SHAUN WARD ARE INVITING YOU OVER FOR THE HOLIDAYS TO ENJOY FAMILY, FOOD, AND FUNK! Southern University Alumni jazz violinist, Michael Ward's career started right here on the stomping grounds of the mighty Jaguar, dawning his blue violin! He later made New Orleans his home, and has built a career that has taken him around the globe several times over, with a list of A-list collaborations, countless recording credits, and a legacy to inspire a generation of young violinists to come. You can imagine the pleasant surprise for some, to 20 years later come across a young charasmatic charmer, playing or singing your favorite classic soul tune on that very same violin. Hearing how passionately he plays each note seems to envoke a fealing of Deja Vu for many -- before they make the Father/Son connection! Son - Shaun Ward, a virtuoso in his own right, is not only continuing his fathers legacy as a violinist, but taking it to new heights, as a singer/songwriter/lyricist, pianist, producer, composer, having worked with national brands as a music director, and recently making his debut with his first credit as a film composer. With a family this dynamic you can imagine how hectic schedules can be for the two. Christmas is such a joyous occasion, families get to reconnect, and enjoy laughter, memories, and GREAT FOOD! The Ward's use the holiday to connect in all those very ways, so it's also at this time of year, where the two make it a point to share the stage. This year they invite you to be a part of their family tradition, and celebrate the holidays with FAMILY, FOOD, AND FUNK, featuring cuisine from Louisiana's Master Chef Eric Johnson.