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Private Party (mostly lol)
Saturday, December 9th, 2017
8:00 PM
David Czysz I'm actually not trying to be funny. We have a problem. It's not a gun problem, as demonstrated once again by a guy with a truck. There has always been evil. There has always been violence. Whether it's bullies on a playground or rouge nations threatening their neighbors and slaughtering their own citizens because half of them might rebel. Trying to restrict law abiding citizens by passing more laws will not fix this. Unfortunately, the only way to stop a bully is for that bully to understand that messing with you will hurt them. The only way to stop a mad man who is hell bent on hurting a group of unarmed, unprepared people, is to arm them and have them be prepared. It's a sad thing for me to think about. But every Sunday when I take my family to church, I spend just about as much time looking at the exits as I do listening. Every time I take my family to a movie, I sit where I can see the exits and have enough time to react. The realty is that the world is now, has always been, and always will be a dangerous place. We live with the illusion of safety in our small towns. But, there are gangs running drugs up and down the highway. There have been sex trafficking rings busted here in town. There have been murders here. Armed robberies. And now, another shooting in a place of worship. In America. I don't blame the Navy for not putting him on the FBI database, although that was a huge mistake. I don't blame God for not striking that man down before he got there. Free will comes at a cost. I don't blame the guns or the NRA. I don't blame the politicians. I blame the man who decided to walk into a church and shoot it up hoping to hit his mother-in-law. I pray to God that the families of those affected can find some sort of peace. And I commend the man that shot that murderer. Because who knows who he would have killed next if that guy wasn't there, with his own gun, to stop him. Whether people want to face this or not, the reality is that we now live in a time that we need to be prepared to protect ourselves. The man in the truck didn't drive into a police station, he drove down a bike trail. The last guy didn't walk into a police station, he shot up a church. The guy in Vegas, if he would have not used the bump stock, he might not have hit as many people, but he probably would have killed more of them. Thank God they managed to stop him. You can't prepare for everything. But, I want to ability to defend myself left alone. And I am not willing to give up my right to arm and defend myself. Restricting my abilities and rights will not and never has stopped someone who is motivated to do harm. It just limits my ability to stop it. I will continue to take my family to church on Sunday. I will continue to go to movies. I will continue to go to concerts (already have my Country Jam tickets) But now I do it more aware and more prepared. I suggest you all do the same.